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Lurid Digs, subtitled "Horrifying Gay Amateur Interiors" is a fascinating site with multiple personalities. First is the absolutely free section called "Basement Digs," a long-running blog dedicated to all sorts of naked amateur guys taken in lurid surroundings, most of which are either incredibly tacky rooms - think pink hearts and roses everywhere or very busy wallpaper and furniture that looks like it was first bought in the 70s. Or there are very messy rooms or guys who are living in - shall we say - odd surroundings like a wall covered with mounted animal heads and crosses. Each picture comes with what is a review of the room - done tongue-in-check by some very creative writers who review each room, often completely disregarding the usually naked amateur sitting there sometimes jerking off, playing with sex toys, in bondage or crossdressing.

To give you an idea of what to expect, there's a blog titled "The Tawdry Look of Mis-Matched Timber," only the photo is a selfie of a guy with his thick, veiny dick stuck right in the camera. There's also a charming post called "The Discreet, Charming Abodes Of The Bourgeoisie" that features a beefy guy with a fat cock sitting in a chair on a stained carpet that hasn't seen its installation date in many years, and he's in front of cheap metal shelves covered with boxes. And with titles such as "Wall Appliques and Proper Masturbatory Etiquette," "Ikea Is For Pussies," and "The Recline of Western Civilization," this stuff is creative, funny and then there's all those naked men, including average guys, hunks, daddies, chubs, and just about any kind of dude you can think of in 371 blog posts.

Next comes a second free section called "First Floor" that requires an email sign-up. This is a tube site where you'll find 173 six-minute streaming trailers from a variety of sites, and you'll find a variety of niches including amateur action, barebacking, fetish and dungeon, hairy men, bodybuilders, and sex toys. The videos stream smoothly, and while they're on the small side at 460x260, they can be enlarged to full screen. You can use the player video tools or you can click each clip once to play it, a second time to pause and a third time to visit the site it's from (and, they hope, will join). This section updates most days.

Lurid Digs' third section - this is the one you pay to join - is called the "Penthouse," and this is where members get access to content from a number of gay feeds, each one offering content from a well-known site. You'll find content from Falcon, Treasure Island, Jake Cruise, Fetish Force, Cocksure Men, High Octane, Cyber Bears, Dirty Dawg Productions, and the list goes on. All told, this section offers members 2,936 streaming videos and at least one new video is added daily. When you click a thumb, you open a new window where the streaming video is available in three qualities and one standard definition size. You'll find normal video controls plus the ability to go full screen - and here's a hint: If you go full screen, be sure and select high quality for the best results, which vary, depending on the age of the video. A month here is only $14.95 and you're helping support the blog as well as getting lots of porn to watch.

Be sure and read the "About Us" section to discover the blog's mission statement. To give you a taste, the site shows that "male homosexuals can be just as color uncoordinated, sloppy and nasty as their straight brethren" - and it does just that. And for those who enjoy the blog and don't mind showing off their own lurid digs as well as their cocks, just click "Submit Your Own Catastrophe" and you can appear in a Lurid Digs blog for all the world to see.

Let's talk about potential issues. When signing up for the free section that requires an email signup, there's a pre-checked email offer; if you want to receive emails, leave it checked, and if not, it's easy enough to untick. When you go to confirm your free email membership, there's a second pre-checked email offer, which is also easy to uncheck. The blog has plenty of ads, but not to the point of distracting from the blog, and after all, the blog section is free - ads come with the territory. One last thing worth thinking about is that the blog doesn't have much to do with the other two sections, but it's not a problem as the site is clear about what each section has to offer.

When all is said and done, my favourite part of Lurid Digs is the free section with all those naked amateurs showing their cocks, assholes, and their lifestyles, not to mention their furniture and their digs. The blogs are very entertaining reads written by talented writers with a taste for satire and sarcasm; the mostly-nude amateurs range from college guys to daddies, hairy men and smooth, and cock sizes range from on the small side to big and thick. Then there's the 173 trailers, each about six minutes long, in the free-with-email section. And finally there are the 2,936 streaming videos from well-known sites in the paid section. I do wish these were larger, but honestly for the price they charge the paid section gives good value for money. And the Lurid Digs blog itself is pure gold.

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