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Logan McCree caused quite a buzz in 2007 when he showed his heavily-tattooed body in his first gay porn video. He's good looking, hung, versatile, and goes from sensual and passionate to kinky and dirty depending on his mood and who he's playing with. After a couple of years of heavy production and appearing in nearly 50 scenes, he disappeared from the porn world for a while. But with Logan McCree TV, he's back sharing his personal homemade videos with his fans.

Logan McCree TV is split into both solo and hardcore videos. In the solo section you'll find Logan and other men jacking off. Most of these feature men McCree met while traveling throughout Europe, and they're mostly couch and bed masturbation scenes, although there are a few shower sessions, and even a couple of outdoor jerks. Logan tends to like his men beefy with well-built bodies, so you'll find lots of both smooth and hairy hunks, some with facial hair. And funnily enough, most of these men are not tattooed at all, although a few have a very modest amount of ink.

Logan appears in most of the duos, but there were a couple where he stays behind the camera. A lot of his scene partners are well-known porn performers like Felix Barca, Bruno Knight, Ray Stone, Geoffrey Paine, Tony Axel, and Vinnie D'Angelo, who was McCree's partner for a while. Sometimes McCree is in a sensual mood, other times he wants to play dirty, so you'll find passionate love making and hard, sweaty pounding. There are some massage scenes, lots of oral and fucking, and some kinky play with sounds, hot wax and foot licking.

One scene I watched opened with Felix Barca polishing Logan's boots, then sucking his cock and taking Logan's meaty uncut cock up his ass. Another scene featured hairy daddy Ray Stone giving Logan and sensual massage, then after lots of passionate kissing and dick sucking, Stone caught me completely off guard and bottomed for Logan. And Logan shared his first-ever play session with sounding, and in another saw Logan dripping hot wax all over his partner's ass. There's quite a variety, but the most exciting thing is that these videos are unscripted and unrehearsed.

There are 93 videos on Logan McCree, 48 solos and 45 hardcore duos (5 of the duos are two-part scenes, so that's 35 full hardcore scenes), and they're offered in streaming MP4 format. The videos play at 998x560 and most are good quality with clear pictures and sound, but a couple were a little grainy like the one Logan wasn't planning on filming in the back of bar but did anyway. For the most part the videos played well in full-screen mode with minimal quality loss. The videos are not available to download, but there is a trailer for each scene that you're able to download. The site also offers members access to 13 third-party video plugins, but only three of them are active at any one time and those change every three days.

Each episode has 5 screencaps that enlarge to 748x420. They're average quality and are really meant to give you a preview of the men and action in the video. You can save them individually if you wish, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zips.

I don't know if or how often the site updates. The videos don't show a date when they were added to the site, but some show production dates as far back as 2010 and others most recently in 2013. We emailed the site owners, and they said that the site will be updating, although not on a schedule. Although updates will be irregular, there's certainly more than enough to keep you charged up and entertained for the duration of your membership.

My biggest disappointment with the site is that there's not much about McCree himself. Sure the videos give a description of his scene partner and how they came to meet or other details, but I would have liked a bio section or a blog, something where I can connect with the man or learn more about him. I was a huge McCree fan when he was at the height of his porn career and I hung on his every release. I was excited to find out he has his own site, but now I want to know where he is and what he's doing.

Parts of the site seem to have been cut and pasted from another site because there's the odd bit about "download this video for $1.00 by becoming an investor" and instructing us to see the information below, and that information doesn't exist. Another said we could see more pictures at a site that no longer exists.

Logan McCree TV is a hot site. It's beautifully simplistic and doesn't stand in my way of enjoying his 93 videos. The movies themselves are also uncomplicated with McCree and another man sucking and fucking wherever they happen to be. No plots, story lines, not much dialogue or talking and a nice variety of European men to keep us terribly horned up. If you're a Logan McCree fan like me, I think you'll be pretty thrilled to see all his homemade videos. In spite of the couple of missteps, I like this site a lot.

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