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OK so I will admit that after I saw the tour page on Lick My Gay Ass I got a little to eager to get inside so I pretty much skipped over it to start with. After browsing around the members area for a while I thought I had better go back and review what was said on the tour though… you cant be too careful with these things! Anyway, there arent any wild promises on the tour that I could see. The preview pics and videos match with the content inside so thats a good start.

The first thing I came across that I wasnt sure about was the free trial membership… there is no mention of what the normal monthly cost is and I am sure it will rebill after the trial ends. So keep an eye out for that. OK now that I had checked out all of the usual things like misleading tours I was able to settle in and watch some porn… purely for educational purposes, of course ;) The main page inside the members area at Lick My Gay Ass is fairly good; there are no advertisements and everything seems to be categorized properly. There were some broken images in the design of the page but that shouldnt be any trouble since the actual content is all fine.

Like I said in the overall description I thought that most of the content on Lick My Gay Ass needed to be more focused. The pictures and videos do have some ass licking action but it is not the ‘main event if you know what I mean. So I think this is really just a normal type of gay site with the only difference being that every scene has ass licking in it although not always for much time at all. The categories for pictures and videos are Cum Swapping, Ass Rimming, Bareback, Cum Licking, Facial, and Creampie.

At the moment there are over one hundred videos inside Lick My Gay Ass, all non-exclusive, and as Ive been saying they are not really focused on the theme of this site. The quality isnt too good either with a size and bitrate of 320x240 at 747Kbps. There is no option to view videos in full length and most of them are split in to about seven clips at three minutes each. It seems like they would rather you viewed the videos in streaming mode, because there is no mention of being able to download, but if you right-click to save the video you can download them. When downloading using the right-click function on this site it will say you are getting a .php file so you must rename it to .wmv after it is finished. Its a bit of a hassle I suppose but it is better than not being able to download at all.

Lick My Gay Ass has around fifty picture sets at the moment and they are all non-exclusive just like the videos. But these pictures are far better looking than the videos with clear quality and a size of around 1024x768. There is an average of 150 pictures in each set and for the most part they get right in to the action with no long introductions or messing around.

I have already mentioned some of these issues but I will go sum them up here. For a start there is no clear price for membership anywhere on the join pages; the only option is to get a two day free trial and it doesnt say how much it will cost per month after that. There are no dates on any of the content so I dont know how often this site updates. And last of all, just a minor issue, some of the design images inside the members area are broken but that doesnt really cause any problems.

Lick My Gay Ass is a very new site so I will give them a break on some of the small issues and hope that in time everything will run smoothly. But there is still the problem I have with the content not being focused enough on the theme of this site. Dont get me wrong you will still see plenty of ass licking but it doesnt seem to be the main attraction.

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