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A little over four years ago Billy Santoro filmed his first solo video, and a month later he signed an exclusive contract with a big studio. Billy's been filming ever since, and he's hands down one of the busiest performers in Pornland. He's filmed with big studios like MEN.com, Lucas Entertainment, and Raging Stallion, as well as smaller sites like Chaos Men, Dirty Tony, and Men Over 30. In August 2016, Billy Santoro launched his own porn site called Leaked and Loaded that headlines "your favorite gay pornstar's leaked sex tapes and amateur cell phone videos." It's been almost a year since the site launched, so let's log in and see what's been happening.

Billy Santoro is a dark-haired and handsome hunk with a rock-hard body, and he's usually got a couple of days worth of face scruff or a close-cropped beard. He stands six feet tall and weighs 185 pounds and his body is hairy. Billy sports an average-sized cock (around seven inches) that's a little on the thick side, and he's versatile. Billy is married to Seth (Treston) Santoro, who is also a pornstar and has been in the business for almost as long as his husband. Billy appears in the lion's share of videos on Leaked and Loaded, but Seth is also featured as are other porn performers.

Billy plays with a variety of guys on his site, many of them amateurs who range throughout their twenties and thirties with athletic to muscular bodies. It's hard to give an exact description of the guys because many of them are only featured from the shoulders down. There are also quite a few pornstars on the site, both new and established guys including Rex Cameron, Valentin Petrov, Asher Devin, Myles Landon, Armond Rizzo, Eli Lewis, Brian Davilla, Donny Forza, and Max Cameron.

You'll find plenty of fucking and blowjobs inside Leaked and Loaded. In "Billy Sucks Fitness Trainer" Billy blows a black muscle hunk, then in "Fitness Trainer Trains Billy's Hole" the same guy fucks Billy bareback. "Scott cums inside Billy" features Billy's ass getting plowed till the guy topping him spills his load inside his hole. But Billy tops, too. In "Ginger Boy Takes Billy" he fucks a deaf guy with red hair, and they flip in another video where the ginger breeds Billy. Not all the videos involve fucking: Donny Forza gets sucked off sitting beside a buddy while they both watch cellphone porn and Brian Davilla does a close-up jack off and cumshot. Other vids don't feature sex at all, like the one with Max Cameron standing over the camera and pushing a generous cum load out of his ass. And Billy Santoro doesn't appear in every video either; many feature other porn hunks or amateurs having sex.

These are homemade videos, and most are filmed on cellphones. As far as them being leaked, I don't know. There are no video descriptions inside the members area, so that may be hype to get you to join. However recently there was some hoopla over a video called "Soap Opera Star Fucks Seth in L.A." that gives us a peek of the top's face as he fucks Billy, and after a blog outed the supposed soap opera star, the video was pulled from the site. So maybe there are some leaked sex tapes, but these are mainy homemade videos submitted by amateur guys. And of course, there are plenty of POV (point of view) and stationary camera videos filmed by Santoro himself.

Leaked and Loaded has 462 exclusive videos in MP4 format sized from very small at 130x240 to as big as 1280x720. Many of these are homemade cell phone videos, so the quality is all over the map. One with Valentin Petrov fucking Billy Santoro was quite fuzzy, and I only knew it was Petrov because the video title said so, but others are quite clear. Sometimes the videos are filmed POV style with the top or bottom holding the camera during the action, others are filmed with the camera or cell phone on a tripod or on the floor filming upwards. Many of the videos are in portrait orientation, so think about the way you normally hold a cellphone. Incidentally, there are some videos shot with regular cameras and these download at 1280x720 and stream at 980x552, but these still look pretty homemade.

Lots of videos feature cock-in-hole close-up action only, so you don't see the guy's face or much of his body, although most of the recent videos do show faces as well as cocks and fucking. And quite a few of the videos are filmed with both guys standing over the cell phone, so again, you get a good view of a guy's hole getting fucked bareback. One guy was getting fucked in his jockstrap and he had so much cum in him that it started dripping out when the next hung top took his place inside - talk about fucking the cum out of him.

The site has a link to Billy's Beat, which is a Tumblr blog where he posts more pictures and animated GIFs. And by the way, this is the only place where you'll find any pictures - there are no photo galleries in the members area.

Are there any drawbacks with the site? First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership. Next, the non-recurring month membership costs $15 more than the recurring version, and the non-recurring membership is the one that's pre-selected. The videos aren't dated and there's no schedule listed, but the site is growing fast - there are 282 more videos than there were nine months ago. Most of the videos are short and come in at around two minutes. Most of the recent videos run just under two and a half minutes and all but one are under five minutes. Some of the older vids are mere 30 second quickies, and video quality varies quite a bit.

There is one last thing I wanted to mention, the lack of any descriptions or model info. This is Billy's own site and he's the one shooting the content, so why aren't there scene descriptions and performer info? Some guys don't even have names listed, and if you're not in the know when it comes to gay porn, you might not always know which performers are pornstars and which are first-time amateurs. There's no bio of Santoro on the site, and even the Tumblr blog has no text, just pics. 

Leaked and Loaded gets a mixed review. On the one hand, kudos to Billy Santoro for coming up with a unique and different theme for his debut site. It doesn't appear the videos are actually leaked sex tapes, but where this site shines is that the 462 videos are homemade and feature lots of amateur guys and porn stars. The recent vids are often around two and half minutes each, and they can be downloaded, streamed and watched on your mobile. I'm not sure why so many aren't HD, since I've had phones for years that shoot HD video. It's been just under a year since the site launched, and it's grown a lot although updates still aren't dated. But the sex here is hot and if you're a Billy Santoro fan, you'll want to his site out.

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