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Latino Showboy features a Latin slave boy who's slender, very fit and is extremely flexible. He's in his mid-twenties in the videos, with a very slender and supple waist as well as a nicely built chest, butt and thighs that are nicely muscled and powerful. He's also attractive, clean-cut, and smoothly shaved everywhere. We never learn the Latino Showboy's name, but he is sometimes joined by daddies who are probably in their thirties to mid-forties, usually a bit chunky and sometimes with hairy chests, and we don't learn their names either, but they tend to be somewhat aggressive and dominant.

We get to see just how flexible the Latino Showboy is as he strikes a variety of poses most of us could never hope to get into, legs behind him or over his head, folded up and showing his asshole or with arms and legs behind him as he's bound by one of the daddies who plays with him, his arms and legs behind his body. Not only is he often tied, either with a partner or solo, into some very interesting positions and sometimes put in suspension; there's also penis pumping, dildo play, leather straps and thongs, spandex, and a variety of other fetish toys and action. There's a session where one of the daddies is dressed like a doctor and a couple more where the Latino Showboy is wearing tight, shiny rubber.

It appears that at least some of the videos were shot with the camera on a tripod, as there's no zooming or angle changes, but the performer(s) stay in frame, so it's not a problem. On the one hand, there aren't any closeups, but on the other hand, we do get to see all the various positions Latino Showboy gets into while he's flexed with a dildo up his ass or or with his arms and legs spread wide while a daddy fucks his ass.

Latino Showboy offers 54 exclusive, DRM-free videos in the members area. These are WMVs offered for download and sized at 640x480 at average to fairly good amateur quality, although expect a loss of sharpness and clarity if you enlarge the videos to full screen. There are no streaming or mobile versions of the videos available, but if you click a video link instead of right-clicking and saving, you can play the vids in your browser, although Firefox required a plugin and stability wasn't great. I suggest you download the videos since then you won't have to wait to be able to fast-forward them and won't run into any buffering.

There are also 29 picture sets; that's a bit misleading, but let's start with the galleries themselves. most galleries offers a set of digital stills, and while sizes vary, you can expect most to be sized at around 590x1100 or 1100x786. Quality is good amateur, and while some are just a little grainy, these are pretty decent for amateur pics. A few sets were actually fairly decent screencaps of almost the same size as the videos. Slideshows are available and the photos can be individually downloaded. Each gallery is previewed by a small set of screencaps sized at 250x178, and this makes no sense since you can't preview digital stills with screencaps; the videos also have preview thumbs, but this makes more sense.

By the way, the site has what they call a forum, but it's actually a guest book, and while there are no dates on the post, my guess is that it's not very active.

The bad news is that Latino Showboy hasn't updated in quite some time; we last reviewed it in 2009 (it's now 2016), and it's only added a handful of picture and videos since then, none recently. Other issues include clunky and confusing navigation, as well as many links opening new windows. The video and pic set names that are not at all descriptive; there's also no info about the star of the site and no scene descriptions, nor are there streaming or mobile videos. Surprisingly for what seems to be an abandoned site that hasn't grown in years, download speeds, while not blazing, are actually fairly fast.

Latino Showboy delivers some unusual and exciting BDSM/fetish action that is focused on one submissive slave as he is bound, flexed and stretched, his ass is dildo fucked, or he may be forced to suck cock before his hole is fucked. The site is definitely amateur, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. While the navigation could definitely use some help, the videos are decent and downloadable, the pictures are also pretty good, but unfortunately the site no longer adds new content. Latino Showboy offers members bondage, extreme flexibility and a submissive Latin amateur who takes a cock or a dildo in all sorts of positions, often while tied and spread in intriguing ways.

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