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In its current state, Latin Jocks makes me cry. This site has been around for over a dozen years and was renowned for featuring the hottest Latin guys - this was always one of my favorite sites. But for the past couple of years, the site has been struggling to keep itself updated and now suffers from broken links and a number of other problems. We last reviewed the site in 2013, and cracks in the site were starting to show themselves then; I'm afraid it has only gotten worse.

The guys on Latin Jocks are among the hottest I've seen anywhere. The guys range throughout their twenties and sport mostly athletic to muscled bodies. They're mostly a pretty good-looking bunch, and as the site's name suggests, they're jocks and muscle boys rather than thugs and homeboys. And while some of the guys are slim and smooth, many others are sporting well-built bodies with shredded abs, chiseled pecs, firm bubble butts and strong shoulders and biceps. Most of the guys are varying shades of brown with very few darker-skinned blatino types. Quite a few of the guys sport tattoos, but most of them are not inked. And since Latin men tend to be uncircumcised, you'll find lots of uncut cocks, not to mention plenty of big, fat dicks.

The guys are split into two groupings: Jocks (also called Varsity) and Boys (also called Junior Varsity) and the difference seems to be in age rather than body type; the Boys seem to be 18 to early 20 year olds while the Jocks seem to be in the mid to late twenties.

The action is a mix of these sexy Latinos stroking their dicks in solo sessions or sucking and fucking in mostly duo action, although there are a handful of threeways, as well. You'll see the guys feasting on cocks, kissing, rimming, stuffing their over-sized dicks in hungry butt holes and blowing their wads of cum wherever they fly. Some of the fucking is bareback and some uses condoms.

At the time of our last review in 2013 there were 860 videos in the Latin Jocks member area, but now in November 2015, I could only count around 418 videos - I don't know what happened to the other 442 videos. The videos are in such a variety of sizes that it's almost pointless to discuss them, however I'll try. I downloaded a video called "Marcelo & Arno" and it came with one full-length WMV that played at 854x480 and ran for 19 minutes; there were two edited versions, each playing in the same screen size but at lower quality, and these were only 11 minutes each. There was one full-length MP4 that played at 848x480 and another edited version that was for mobiles. Instructions direct us to "click on a link to stream," but these clicks download the video - I couldn't find any way to stream the videos.

Our last review indicated various other video sizes, but the site lacks organization that facilitates giving you precise information. "Marcelo & Arno" were on the first page of videos, which used to contain the oldest videos, but the production information screen on their video indicates it was filmed in 2010 and video on the page was filmed in 2006 or 2011 - I couldn't tell since they changed the date format, but it played at 640x480. A jack-off video called "Aquiar" on the fourth and last page of videos was filmed in 2013, but it was smaller than "Marcelo & Arno". Older videos tend to be smaller and offered in clips (usually four of them), and it appears the videos can only be downloaded now.

The site uses a Flash picture viewer for their photo galleries, but I couldn't see them in either Chrome or Firefox because neither browser supported the player. The picture viewer loaded with blank spaces where thumbnails should be and didn't display any enlarged pictures, so I have no details about them.

Aside from the problems already stated, the layout and navigation system on Latino Jocks is for the birds. Latin Jocks does not have a dedicated members home page and there isn't a login button either. Instead, you simply click on a video or picture on the tour and you're prompted to log in, and from there you can find the rest of the content through top-of-site navigation under Action Sets, Solo - Jocks, and Solo - Boys. Each of these three sections have both photo galleries and videos, even though "Action Sets" suggests picture galleries and not videos. It's further confused by the fact the interior pages change the categories to Varsity Players, Junior Varsity and Team Players.

And the problems continue as some of these clicks produce partially finished pages. For example, Solo Boys has three guys where there is space for 90 on the page; likewise, Solo Jocks has 22 guys, but again, there's a grid with space for 90. It literally looks as though someone was in the middle of redesigning the site but walked off the job and never came back. And the fact that there are half as many videos as there were two years ago seems to bear this out.

The home page blazes "Updated June 29, 2014" right at the top, but then displays scenes from both 2014 and 2013. The site used to update four times a week with a gallery, a jack-off video, a sneak peek of a guy appearing the following week and a hardcore video, but they haven't added anything since June 2014.

I have lost complete faith in Latin Jocks. Even with the loss of over 400 videos there are still lots of sexy guys to watch unloading their nuts, but if you join you'll face confusing navigation and a mishmash of video sizes, some full scenes while other videos are only offered as clips and still others that are edited down versions. We used to say in our review that Latin Jocks had lots of quirks, but now I have to say that Latin Jocks is completely broken. It's probably best to move on.

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