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Lady Voyeurs is one of the six sites inside the Pure CFNM network, and all of the sites deal with a different aspect of the CFNM (clothed female, naked male) niche. The Lady Voyeurs content features non-sexual situations like the woman who is interviewing a butler or another who is taking a nude drawing class, but all these situations turn sexual with the women watching the men stroking their cocks. The women get the men more turned on with their titillating talk, and in a few minutes the man is unloading his balls. Sound like fun? Then join me as I check out what's in the members area.

The women are generally sexy and range through their twenties and thirties. They're a mix of blondes, brunettes, and redheads, most sporting long hair. They're in good shape ranging from slim to full figured, and this content is mostly filmed in the UK, so if British accents turn you on, you'll like them even more. While often the women stay clothed, this isn't purely a CFNM site as sometimes they give the man a flash of flesh to help him to the finish line, and there are some videos where the women get completely naked while they watch the man stroke for them.

The men are harder to describe because we generally don't see them completely. A lot of the scenes feature the men only partially in the frame, so we see their bodies and cocks but not their faces. And the men come in a variety of physiques, but most are in average shape, although some are a bit on the muscular side. About every third video features the full man, face and all. And again, the guys are mostly British so you can expect accents and foreskin.

In "Penis Measuring" Nurse Zoe welcomes her patient into the exam room. We don't see him completely, he's just a body in a hospital gown, and his head is hidden above the video's frame. The redhead nurse asks Mr. Davis for some vital statistics like height and weight and whether smokes and drinks. Then she hands him a measuring tape and asks him to measure his cock. He's shocked, but after stammering for a bit, he drops his robe and measures his cock. He's got a semi already and says that it gets a lot bigger. The nurse needs to see it because she can't take his word for it. She proceeds to talk to Mr. Davis while his strokes his dick and the conversation gets more intimate and teasing. Nurse Zoe lifts her skirt a bit and shows Mr. Davis her nylons and suspenders, then even higher goes the skirt and he sees her underwear. She promises to show him what's underneath if he does a good job. She never does, but he drops his load on the floor so he doesn't care anymore.

All of the scenes follow a similar set-up where a woman remains clothed while a man jerks his cock and cums. One scene has Dawn in a job interview where one of the qualities they're looking for is that she doesn't easily become distracted, so the interviewer pulls out his cock to test her abilities. Another man has been referred to a therapist for erectile dysfunction but claims he doesn't have a problem, so he pulls out his cock to prove it. The women are all very good talkers and get the men revved up with their salacious comments and questions. The men and women never touch in these scenes. For the most part we don't see the men's faces - sometimes we do - but we always get a good look at their cocks and their cumshots as they unload their nuts.

There are 143 videos inside Lady Voyeurs offered in MP4 format. The downloads come in three sizes: 1920x1090, 1280x720 and 854x480. They're good quality, well lit with crisp pictures, but the largest sizes are the best quality because their in excess of 8 Mbps. You can also stream the videos at 976x550, and while they come in three speeds the viewing area doesn't change. But again, the higher speeds are best quality and fare best at full-screen mode. The videos should play fine on most newer mobiles. The videos are also offered in clips, usually three per scene, which is unusual these days, and they play in one size at 854x480.

Each episode has two sets of pictures. The digital stills comes in two sizes at 800x553 and 1600x1067, and they generally feature the scene's female clothed and in various seductive poses. And there are two zip files, one for each size. The screencaps display at 1920x1080 and are taken from the video so they portray the action pretty well. There are generally a little over 100 digital stills and 200 or more screencaps, but a lot of the poses are similar. However the quality is good - even the screencaps are quite good. You can view the pics online and use the hands-free slideshow option. There's a downloadable zip file for each set or you can save pics individually if you prefer (right-click the thumbnail to save them).

You get access to five CFNM bonus sites: Pure CFNM, Amateur CFNM, Girls Abuse Guys, Hey Little Dick, and a new site called CFNM Games. There are 1,092 videos in all, including the 143 from Lady Voyeurs, and when you first log in you'll land on the network homepage showing all the videos. Each video has a small site logo in the details section and if you click this, you'll see only the videos for that particular site. Then click Scenes on the navbar if you want to see the whole network's selection again. You can also click Sites on the navbar and you'll be taken to a page showing each of the network sites, then click any of them to see its content.

Hey Little Dick features scenes with multiple women making fun a man's cock; Girls Abuse Guys sees guys getting spanked, roughed up and dildo fucked by women; CFNM Games features men and women in party games like jerk-off and cumshot contests. Amateur CFNM features amateur women where the other sites offer professional performers, and finally Pure CFNM features a wide range of scenarios where clothed women admire a man's cock and they play with it, and sometimes they suck and fuck it.

Lady Voyeurs updates weekly every Wednesday and the network adds new scenes weekly, too, although not each of the five sites adds content weekly. Generally there are four new network videos added every week.

There's not much in the way of dislikes here. The only issue I really came across was that there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page and its hidden below the fold but above the PLACE YOUR ORDER button, so you have to watch for it. And, as already mentioned, sometimes the women do get naked, which doesn't really stick with the site's theme of clothed females, although I felt these videos stuck with the spirit of the site.

There is one last thing I wanted to mention, although it's not an issue. I'm pretty sure the content here is exclusive and shot specifically for this site, but I can't say for sure because the site makes no claims about this. What claims the tour does make are mostly accurate - HD videos, weekly updates - it would be nice for confirmation that the videos are exclusive.

Lady Voyeurs offers a mix of clothed and naked women talking dirty to naked men as they jerk off. The site is good-sized, offering 143 good quality videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and there's a new video added every week. You also get access to over 900 bonus videos from five CFNM sites from the same network where the scenarios range from playful to nasty. While not all the women stay fully dressed, the men strip and stroke for the women's entertainment, so if you're into CFNM, I think you'll like you find at Lady Voyeurs.

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