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Some sites have titles that make it clear what their focus is, but the site we're reviewing today isn't one of them. It's called "Lads At Work," but the only work they seem to refer to is jerking off and fucking. Lads At Work, which was launched in 2008, offers three different kinds of action; solo jerk-off videos, straight hardcore sex, and bisexual (MMF) hardcore. Around 65% of the videos are straight (MF) videos though.

The performers here come from Eastern Europe or Russia, and they are amateurs between 18 and 25 years of age. They are average looking with lean or slightly muscular bodies and juicy uncut cocks. The female performers have fit or slender bodies, small to average-sized breasts, and most of them are fairly average too. You won't mistake the performers here with porn stars, but that could be part of the appeal. By the way, I recognized some of the guys from some Russian twink sites.

The action includes lots of kissing, fingering, sucking cock, eating pussy and, of course, fucking. The guys in the bisexual videos don't suck or fuck each other or even touch. Some of the action is hot and entertaining to watch, but some videos are not as passionate as I like to see. While some of the performers are turned on and having a great time, that's not always the case. Some of the girls look bored, and it almost looks as if some of the guys are straight-for-pay as they aren't sure what to do with a pussy or a pair of tits. The videos have been recorded in different surroundings, including outdoor locations. The guys obviously enjoy themselves in the solo jerk off videos as they play with themselves and work their way to erupting orgasms.

Lads at Work offers 47 exclusive videos inside the member area, of which 32 are straight duos, 9 are solo jackoff videos, and 6 are bisexual threesomes. Some of the videos are offered as full scenes, but some of the longer videos have been cut into two or three parts. Most of the videos (except for three) are offered in WMV format, and are sized at around 640x368. The videos are of average to good amateur quality, but the lighting is sometimes a bit muted, which makes the colors a bit faded. Three videos are offered in MP4 format, and sized at 848x480 at similar quality to the WMVs. The videos are DRM-free, but while they are all offered for download, there are no streaming versions available, and only the three MP4s may be playable for most mobiles.

Let's talk about the issues. First off, the site has stopped producing new content. Next, the tour promises high-quality videos and photos, but in reality the quality is pretty average and there are no photos or any kind of bonuses. I wish the owners had put some more effort into this site; for example there are missing thumbnails, which shows no one is looking after the site anymore. The members area is just a single page with videos, which means there are no descriptions, model biographies, or even model names. The site has not been updated for years and I believe the membership price of nearly $30 per month is quite expensive for what you're getting here.

The site title doesn't seem to have anything to do with what the site has to offer. Also the content niches seem unrelated. Yes, all the videos feature guys from 18 to their mid-twenties, but there are straight sex sessions, solo male masturbation, and MMF threesomes where both guys want to use the girl -- and they don't mind sharing -- but they also don't interact with each other.

Lads At Work is a bit of a unique site in terms of what they are offering - or maybe they're more a hodgepodge. The mix of content niches seem unrelated. Yes, all 47 videos feature guys from 18 to their mid-twenties, but there are straight sex sessions, solo male masturbation and MMF threesomes where both guys want to use the girl and don't mind sharing, but they also don't interact with each other. The site doesn't update, the videos are small and they're only available in one format and of average quality. I believe average is the word to describe the performers and the action, too. Lads At Work didn't really impress me to be honest, but if you're into average Russian guys and gals, you may find the guys appealing.

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