Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Kirsty's TG Playground is all about a bisexual crossdresser from Scotland. Kirsty describes herself as an insatiable, cock-hungry slut desperate to be let loose, and says she loves to be treated like a whore. Now, that's a promising introduction! While she dresses up and acts like a woman, Kirsty is physically a man, which means she comes without boobs, and she has a cock. She tells a bit about what she likes and how she likes to dress up, but I couldn't find any personal info. I'd guess she's in her early thirties; her body is smooth and she has an average-sized uncut dick that always seems to be hard. She's got a nice ass, too. She mostly dresses up in sexy lingerie, stockings, panties and fetish gear.

The site offers a good mix of solo and hardcore action. In the solo videos you'll see Kirsty teasing, touching herself and jerking off, but the action in the hardcore videos is pretty diverse. She appears with one or more men, other crossdressers or with women. The men she plays with are often mature, chubby daddies. There's lots of cock sucking, toy play, strap-on fun, role playing and of course plenty of fucking. There's a lot of gangbang action going on, as well. What you get here is 100% amateur stuff and while the performers might not always be the most attractive, the action - and the performers - are real and hot. They all clearly love sex and are very passionate about what they are doing.

There are 113 video updates inside the Kirsty's TG Playground member area, but some of the video updates are only clips, and it can take three or four clips together make a full video; the site offers 51 full scenes. The updates are not dated, but there have been no updates in 4 months, so it's safe to say this site has stopped producing new content.

The videos are exclusive to the site, and you can either download them to your own computer or watch the streaming versions online. The downloadable vids are available in WMV and MP4 formats and sized at 720x400 or 1270x720, depending on the individual video; there's a smaller MP4 that works fine on most mobile devices. The streaming videos take some time to buffer before they start playing. These are available in WMV and MP4, as well, and they play at a size of either 960x540 or 544x430. The videos are of amateur quality, which makes sense; Kirsty's TG Playground is a one-person operation and she probably hasn't the most fancy or expensive equipment.

There are 151 exclusive photo sets inside the member area, and some were shot as stand-alone shoots, which means they don't always correspond to the videos. On average, the pic sets contains 150 pictures, and while the sizes differ a bit, most of these come at a size of 1024x760. Like the videos, they are of amateur quality. You can either browse through the photos by hand or use the hands-free slideshow. Alternatively, you can download entire sets to your own computer in zip files.

There aren't any extras or freebies here. There is a short "about me" page which tells you more about Kirsty, but you can only reach that page from within the member area. It would make more sense if this page was available for people to check out on the tour. You can also send in requests for custom videos.

The site has no major issues, but there is some room for improvements. There are no dates on the updates, but as mentioned, the site has stopped updating. I'd be happier if all the videos were full scenes rather than breaking some of them into multiple updates. Some of the videos could use some work in terms of size and quality. The site has an amateur look and feel, but that's probably part of the appeal here, as well.

Kirsty is a crossdresser from Scotland who loves getting naked and showing off for the camera, as well as having sex with guys, girls and other transgenders. There are 133 exclusive video updates which you can download or stream online, and while the video quality isn't impressive, the action is real and hot. There are also 151 photo sets. Disappointingly the site has ceased updating. The site has some personality and the amateur look and feel actually adds to it. Kirsty from Kirsty's TG Playground is proud to be an exhibitionist CD slut, and if you love amateur crossdressers you might want to check her out.

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