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Kipp Slinger is a 26-year-old, trans guy with a lean athletic body and brown hair, and he's sporting a full beard these days. He's got lots of tattoos on his arms and a few elsewhere but no piercings. His belly and legs are hairy, but his pubes are shaved. I don't know exactly when Slinger started to transition, but it seems it was a little more than five years ago and he's kept his pussy. And as with many FTM guys, his clitoris is enlarged because of the hormones so it actually looks like a small cock.

Kipp has appeared on other FTM porn sites, not just his own; I remember seeing Connor Maguire fucking him a locker room scene and he also appeared in a hazing video where Sebastian Keys and Christian Wilde spit-roasted him. Once Slinger saw that he had an audience, he decided to branch out to film his own content and start his own site.

There are three guys on the site who play with Kipp. Jimmy is a beefy guy with gorgeously thick thighs. He's around Kipp's age and has a nose and lip ring. He's a good-looking guy who is Kipp's roommate, or at least he plays that way in the videos. He's in one video where Kipp walks in on him showering and asks if he wants help with some of the hard-to-reach spots. Kipps ends up in the shower washing Jimmy's back then sucking his cock, then they head to the bedroom where they perform oral on each other and Jimmy fucks Kipp's pussy bareback. Another video features a slim, tattooed, black guy named Astro, and a third has Kipp paired up with a long-haired guy. In all the scenes the guys swap oral with Kipp and ultimately fuck him.

As for the rest of the videos, Kipp films himself pleasuring his pussy with his hands and dildos, but these aren't just jack-off videos. Kipp's a dirty talker and likes talking about his fantasies or guys that he's seen or cruised out and about. One video is called "How to Please Kipp's Pussy" and it's an instructional session and was quite informative for someone like me who has never played with a woman letting alone a trans guy with a pussy.

There are 11 exclusive videos on Kipp Slinger, four duos and seven solos, and they're offered in four speeds of streaming MP4. They're good quality, homemade videos that vids play in an adaptive player, so the actual size depends on your screen. I have a 26 inch monitor so they played at 1516x976 for me. There's a full-screen mode and the videos fare quite well; they're also compatible with most mobiles and played well on my Android phone. The site has a full streaming server so it's easy to jump ahead and back while watching the videos. All the videos are full scenes; there is a series about a poker game, but each episode features a different partner with Kipp.

There are also five picture galleries. The pics are good quality digital stills or screencaps that displayed quite large on the site. I couldn't save any of the pictures individually, and they're not available in a zip file either. Each set features anywhere from 12 to 91 pics.

Now let me tell you about how the site works. Members get access to streaming videos that can't be downloaded as a part of your membership, but eight of the videos can be purchased separately for download, and they cost anywhere from $4.99 for a solo (most are $8.99) and up to $24.99 for the duos. I didn't download any so I don't have details about sizes.

Are there any downsides? Well, the site is small and the update schedule is irregular because Kipp is a full-time graduate student. The site seems to opened in summer of 2017 with most of the content added then, but there was one video and photo set added in August and October and one picture set in September. As mentioned, downloads aren't included for members, and I wish we could save the pics.

Joining is a little cumbersome as you have to sign up with a username and email address, then a password is emailed to you, it's immediate, but still. Once inside, you can preview the content, but then you have to upgrade to a full membership to watch anything more than a trailer. The site doesn't have a monthly membership, you can only join for three months, but the price of that option is just slightly more than many sites charge for a month.

I liked Kipp Slinger. He's a sexy guy with an outgoing personality. I enjoyed his masturbation videos, especially when he talks dirty and tells us about his fantasies or guys that have cruised him out and about. And while there are only four hardcore scenes so far, they were enjoyable with the guys swapping oral with Kipp and fucking his pussy bareback; they're also quite long, running 30 to 40 minutes. Kipp puts a lot of effort into his videos and they were hot to watch. If you love hot trans men, why don't you check him out and see what you think?

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