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Kinky Angels is a video magazine produced by Bel Ami that bills itself as "The Ultimate Porn Reality Show." It features content that you won't find on Bel Ami Online. You'll be treated to first looks at new models in their auditions and first photo sessions; there are mini documentaries and lots of behind-the-scenes videos of the guys having fun, horsing around, or getting warmed up, and every month you'll get at least four fresh sex scenes. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Join me for our review of Kinky Angels.

While the content is different, some of the guys at Kinky Angels are the same well-known Bel Ami studs like Claude Sorel, Gino Mosca, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, and tons more, as well as some newcomers. The performers are the cream of the crop, the very best-looking Czech and Hungarian guys, and a few from other places in Europe - even the odd American. They range in age throughout their twenties, and with the rare exception, they're sporting uncut cocks.

So let me break down the current issue for you. The "Cover Scene" features Hoyt Kogan in one of his premiere scenes. Claude Sorel finds Hoyt trying to doctor up a scrape he got while training at the gym, Claude offers to kiss it better, then they head to the bedroom where Claude sucks Hoyt's cock and gets fucked. (Like Bel Ami Online, all of the sex is now condom free.) "Art Collection" gives us an early photo set of Helmut Huxley, a beautiful, lean guy with a Justin Bieber flip and heavy-hanging uncut cock. The next video sees Adam Archuleta bottoming for Harris Hilton, and Jaco Van Sant fucks Dylan Maquire in a bedroom scene in the third video. There's another video with Gino Mosca and David Galliano making the bed in the house where they live and then they fuck on the fresh sheets. Kevin Warhol introduces us to newcomer Andy McAllister and while Andy gets a haircut, Kevin talks to the director, then teaches Andy how to stick out his tongue in a sexy way. Kevin and Andy head for the shower and lather each other, kiss and do a bit of sucking. And finally, we watch a video showing cute twink Danny Defoe in his first photo shoot, and there's also a picture gallery of that shoot.

Every issue follows the same format, bringing you a mix of videos and pictures galleries, newcomers and Bel Ami favorites. In one issue Kevin Warhol hosts a naked lunch for nine of the Bel Ami guys, another issue features the same gang of guys exercising naked outdoors. In another issue, Jerome Exupery and Helmut Huxley have been studying with an English tutor and quiz each other on the names of the body parts they have just learned, another has YouTuber Davey Wavey teaching five of his favorite Bel Ami guys what terms like "blue balls" and "golden shower" mean. The guys go shopping, dance, have a BBQ, and get up to all kinds of other fun things.

The tour says that each of the 27 issues has four sex videos, but there are often more than that - the current issue has six videos, although one was a video of a photo shoot. So at a minimum, there are 108 videos featuring full-on sex. They're offered in three sizes of downloadable MP4. The "full HD" versions are 1440x816 (some earliest issues offer the full HD version at 1920x1080), and there's another large size at 960x544 and a mobile version at 624x352. The videos are good to very good quality, and you can stream them on the site at 962x544 with no quality loss at full screen.

Pictures are viewed in a slider and enlarge in a pop-up at around 434x650. There's no hands-free slideshow, but forward and back controls allow you to move through the gallery. You can save the pics individually and these display at 434x650 or you can download a zip file that gives you much larger sized pictures that display at 1500x2250.

This second incarnation of Kinky Angels started in February 2013 and they have updated every month since. Each issue is released during the first week of the month. When Kinky Angels first started, you had to purchase each issue separately, but beginning in February 2013, the site started offering a membership and each month a new issue is delivered to your account. The site says that your membership gives you access to the original seven issues, but this wasn't the case and I was sent to a join page when I tried to view them. We'll contact the site and let you know when we hear back.

I didn't encounter any real problems with the site, however I did find it odd that every episode opened into a new window, and if you don't keep track you could end up with a lot of browser windows open. Also I find the "reality show" moniker a bit of a stretch. While some of the content goes beyond regular sex scenes, if you're expecting drama à la Real Housewives or Biggest Loser meltdowns, Kinky Angels isn't that kind of reality show. But I did enjoy my visit a lot and it was fun getting to know the Bel Ami guys in different ways.

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