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Kink has made a name for themselves in the gay, straight and tranny markets with their BDSM and fetish sites like Bound Gods, Men in Pain and Naked Kombat. And now Kink has come up with a new kind of site called Kink University, one that focuses on teaching bondage, role playing, fetish play and punishment in a series of tutorials, or as the site puts it, "Higher education for erotic exploration". Topics cover everything from gender to anal, and the instructors are experienced, sexy and know their stuff. Whether you and your partner are looking to add a little spice or you just want to watch BDSM lifestylers in kinky play, this site is worth a look.

While most of what's shown on the site is straight, much of it can be applied toward two men, two women or a man and a woman. There's lots of bondage how-tos here, including tutorials on rope bondage basics, suspension from the sub's point of view and leg binding, as well as tutorials on verbal humiliation, wrestling and caning. And yes, there are some classes that can only be applied when the submissive is a woman, such as pussy fisting and breast bondage, although both of these still have some tips that can be applied toward a male sub. The videos are shot at the Kink studios, which means dark and atmospheric surroundings with plenty of good quality bondage and dungeon equipment. As expected, production values are high, sound is very good and overall I was very pleased with the experience of the performers and the quality of the videos.

The videos feature stars like Snow Mercy, Danarama, Krysta Kaos, the Two Knotty Boys, Nikki Darling and the well-named Jay Wimp, to name just a few, as well as gender activist MacDaddy, a trans man who had been the world's highest ranking martial artist and in this site gives a lecture about gender identification as well as a fun tutorial called "Grappling and Takedowns for BDSM Play". There's usually plenty of chemistry between the performers in the videos, and the explanations of how to do things from knot tying to cock and ball torture are clear and demonstrated in the videos on actual subs.

Kink University currently offers 35 videos that range from around 3 minutes to over 50, and most I watched were over 30 minutes. The videos can be downloaded in several sizes of MP4, the largest offered in HD at 1080x720 and the smaller sizes perfect for pretty much any mobile that plays MP4s. Quality is good, and there are also streaming versions offered that are well worth watching. Sound, as already mentioned, is good, too, and the streaming videos play smoothly.

Each video tutorial comes with a set of pics. These are good sized, shown at 1200x675, and are also available at a smaller resolution if you prefer. They're good amateur quality, and while there are no zip files or slideshows, you can save the pics you want to keep.

Kink University members also get access to all the Kink.com member forums including one dedicated to the Kink University members. You can ask questions or chat about performers or tutorials or just talk with other members in the general chat section. There's also a resource section that includes links to BDSM news, alternative sexuality research and info plus a list of conferences and events. There's a live classes section, but no classes are currently scheduled. And last, while not an extra, it's worth mentioning that if you're in the San Francisco area, there's a link to Workshops where for a fee you can sign up to attend BDSM and alternative sexuality workshops in person at the Kink.com facility.

Does the site have any issues? None really stand out except for the pre-checked email offer when signing up for your free account, which is required before you can actually pay for a membership. There's no live classes scheduled in the Live Classes section, and there are advertising banners on the top and bottom of every page, but they're pretty easy to avoid. Navigation can lead to the other sites, which are not included with your membership, but honestly it's easy to get the hand of getting around the site.

Kink University delivers BDSM, fetish and alternate lifestyle tutorials that are as well-done as they are hot. These tutorials are videos featuring men and women who really know their subjects, from rope bondage and humiliation to enema basics and cock and ball torture. While most of the videos feature men with women or women with women, most of the subjects covered can be applied toward any gender or orientation, and the 35 videos make good watching for those who want to watch real CBT, caning, bondage and more. The videos are downloadable, good quality and available for mobiles, and the site updates weekly. In fact, despite some minor quibbles, I recommend Kink University highly whether you want to add some kinkiness to your sex life or just like to watch real BDSM in dungeon surroundings.

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