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Kink Men Archive houses all of the video shoots from Kink's five gay male BDSM sites and gives members access to six years of content. At only slightly more than each site charges for monthly access, you can watch almost 1,100 of the web's hardest BDSM and gay fetish videos all in one place.

There are five sites in Kink Men Archive. The oldest active site is Bound Gods featuring Masters working over their subs in dungeons, basements, hospitals, public washrooms, prisons, and a lots of nasty places. They use all kinds of restraints from ropes to stockades and a mind-boggling array of implements like floggers and canes, dildos, butt plugs and other creative insertables, painful clips and clamps and there's plenty of electro play, too. With Bound Gods you're getting 333 videos dating back to 2008.

Naked Kombat is the next Kink Men Archive site, and it offers 237 videos of naked wrestling. These realistic wrestling matches start with the men wearing underwear, jockstraps or singlets, and going three rounds (two of them naked and sometimes oiled-up) until a winner is declared. And the men can earn bonus points for dirty play like smacking their opponent's ass or pulling his nuts. The winner claims his prize fucking his opponent on the mat.

Men on Edge has 138 videos focusing on cock edging. One or two men work over a helpless, restrained guy bringing him to the edge of unloading his nuts over and over. They tease his cock with their hands, mouths and various sex toys; there's toe sucking, too, and most of the guys get their holes fucked with dildos. And even when the poor bastard is finally allowed to cum, his pleasure is short lived because his tormentors often ruin his orgasm with tickling.

Bound in Public pits one lone sub against a gang of horny men teasing and taunting him, shoving their dicks down his throat, manhandling him and fucking his ass one after another until they're ready to humiliate him with big facial cum dumps. Most of these scenes take place in public washrooms, bars and bookstores, but sometimes they're out on the street during San Francisco's Dore Alley or Folsom Fair weekends. There are 196 shoots, but Bound in Public stopped adding new scenes last year, so I'm not sure when those will run out.

Butt Machine Boys is the final site in the Kink Men Archive and it has men squaring off against a selection of intimidating fucking machines. Outfitted with different sized dildos, these piston machines drill these bottoms at varying speeds from a slow pump to ramming speed. And they don't stop until these hungry bottoms spill their loads. There are 168 videos here, although Butt Machine Boys no longer updates.

Kink Men doesn't film a particular type of man, I've seen skinny guys in their early twenties to very well-built muscle hunks in their thirties or collegiate jocks with athletic bodies to grey-haired daddies in very good shape. Most of the men playing in the Kink Men scenes are professional porn performers, although I've also seen some fans come out and step in front of the cameras too.

There's a ton of content to keep your inner kink revved up. It's a great deal, but there's one important thing to point out: you're only getting access to videos that are a year or more older, you're not getting brand new releases, which won't matter if you haven't been a member of the sites, or haven't been a member in a long time. Each week at least three more videos that have passed the one-year mark arrive in the members area, giving you lots of new stuff to watch every week.

But you are getting 1,072 downloadable full scenes in two sizes of MP4: 512x288 for mobile devices and full HD at 1280x720. They also offer segmented MP4 clips that you can download and play at 1280x720. And if you prefer streaming movies, you can play these MP4s in a player at 720x406 at any of four speeds from low to HD. The downloadable versions are more crisp and clear than the streaming ones and they have good sound so you can hear the men beg and scream.

Each video comes with a gallery of pictures and you'll get anywhere from 150 to 300 screencaps that are separated into the various scenes within the movie and each scene deals with a specific segment of the play session, so flogging in one scene and ass fucking in another. You can view these in thumbnail galleries or download a zip file, which I'd recommend since there's no slideshow. The picture quality is very good for screencaps.

Kink Men Archive is fairly well laid out, so it's easy getting around and finding what you're looking for. But there are a couple of things to mention. First, there's an pre-checked email option on the join page, so if you don't want to get email from Kink Men Archive, you should deselect it. Second, once you're on an individual video's page or gallery, you'll see a logo for Bound Gods, Naked Kombat, or what have you on the top right side and clicking this will take you out of the members area. Essentially you've moved to the site's tour to show you all those brand new movies you're not getting access to.

One final things is that Kink Men's Bound in Public stopped updating in 2014, so if they haven't run out of year-old scenes, they will soon. Three sites are still updating with new content, so you'll get at least three new videos added weekly, but maybe four for a while longer.

Kink Men Archive gives you an impressive library of gay fetish and BDSM videos. For $10 more per month than any of these individual sites charge for a month, you can have access to 1,072 video shoots from five of Kink Men's sites - Bound Gods, Bound in Public, Naked Kombat, Men on Edge, and Butt Machine Boys. Every week three or four more scenes from those sites are added to the members area. Kink Men's content is second to none, these guys are the primo BDSM producers and there's a huge variety of scene play here to keep you charged up.

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