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Kim's Anal Heaven is all about a T-Girl from the UK who has a thing for extravagant outfits and over-sized sex toys. Her name is Kim and she started this site at the end of 2008, but the site has been improved in terms of design and user-friendliness during the last year.

Kim is a blond TV with beautiful long legs and, of course, a dick. Although her cock is of average size, it does get rock hard and she loves playing with it. She's uncut, which means you will get some foreskin play, as well. When looking at the content, one thing that strikes me is the diversity of the outfits that Kim wears. She has a nice collection of sexy lingerie complete with stockings and high heels, but she also appears in a big Victorian style dress or even in a sexy Santa Claus outfit.

Her style is erotic with a lot of touching and slow teasing, but when it comes to anal play, she can fit enormous dildos and other sex toys in her ass - or in her T-Girl pussy, as she refers to it. Many of the videos are solos in which she plays with herself; touching herself, jerking off and penetrating her ass with toys. There are a few sessions in which she appears together with other people. These persons are often mature men for which she's got a thing, who help her to stuff her ass with gigantic toys, give her a blowjob or even fist her ass. She also performs with other T-Girls in a couple videos.

Kim's Anal Heaven currently offers 70 videos. The videos are not dated, but Kim promises to deliver new content every week, although by content she means either videos or photo sets - not both; the site seems to be living up to that schedule. The newer videos are DRM-free and downloadable in three sizes. Both MP4s and WMVs plays at a size of 768x432, and the third option is a smaller MP4 (320x262) which works fine on mobile devices. The newer videos are good amateur quality with clear sound, although some of the older videos are of lesser quality and they are only available at a much smaller size of 352x288. In case you prefer to watch the videos online, you can can stream them in the same formats and sizes as the downloadable videos.

There are 168 photo sets inside the member area. Those are separate updates that are not shot in the same sessions as the videos. There are between 40 and 100 photos in a set, which you can either view as a gallery or watch in a hands-free slideshow. You can save individual images or download them altogether in a easy zip file. The photos are of good amateur quality and are displayed at about 693x704. Again, you will see lots of toy play, but you will also find her jerking off as well as oral and anal sex.

Except for a short "about me" page, you won't get any extras as a member of Kim's Anal Heaven. I was actually hoping for some kind of blog, or at least a longer "about me" page, which would have given members the possibility to learn more about Kim as a person. It's a pity that Kim doesn't talk in the videos, especially since she clearly loves to interact with her fans in the comments, and she encourages her fans to contact her through e-mail, too.

The site has no major issues, but there's room for improvement. I wish the updates were dated, but our follow-up visit does confirm that the site adds a video every other week, and a photo set on the weeks between. I'd like to see the older videos remastered so they match the size and quality of the newer ones. The site has a bit of an amateur look and feel, but that's probably the charm of the site in this case. This is just a one-man operation ... or actually a one-T-girl operation, in this case.

Kim's Anal Heaven features a sexy UK tranny who loves dressing up, over-sized sex toys and showing her gaping ass. Her biggest talent is taking those large dildos and other toys up her ass. It's an interesting site that offers 70 exclusive videos and 168 photo sets, and the site is keeping its promise to add either a video or pic set on a weekly basis. Most of the videos and photo sets are solos, but you will also find some updates in which she appears with other TVs or older men. What appealed to me about this site is that Kim really seemed to be having fun getting her ass stuffed, whether by herself of her friends, and that's what you'll find at Kim's Anal Heaven.

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