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Kallamacka offers horny British and European skinhead types and scallies in hardcore gay action - sometimes very hardcore. The scenes here pair up submissive bottom boys with tough and masculine tops for aggressive suck and fuck sessions. We haven't reviewed the site since February 2013, so it's time to head back for another look.

The guys at Kallamachka are European studs who are mostly in their early twenties. I recognized plenty of names and faces like Peto Coast, Jordan Fox, Kai Cruz, Moskito, and Brice Farmer. A lot of the guys have buzzed hair and look like skinheads, but they're not wearing the typical gear we'd expect, which is why I call them skinhead types. More accurately, they're bad boys, chavs, and scallies. Most of the guys aren't sporting body hair, or very much of it, and they're packing uncut cocks, some of them quite big. A few of the guys are sporting face scruff, but it's more like a couple of days without shaving than a full beard, as well some of the guys are inked.

The action here includes a lot of rough sex with a heavy emphasis on dirty sneaker and sock worship, forced sex, and smoking. In "Cocks, Socks, Sneaks" Peto Coast corners skinny guy Basti Winkler in a public toilet. He pushes Basti to the ground right beside one of the urinals, then Peto rubs his socked foot in the lad's face. He force feeds his giant dick down the cocksucker's throat, then fucking him standing up. In "Open Up Your Hole" Mike and Tommy grab their porno mags and head to their hiding spot under a bridge. They look at their porn mags and jack their dicks until their so horny that one bends over for the other.

Most of the action here happens outdoors or in abandoned warehouses, dirty basements, backrooms, or public toilets. I only saw two scenes filmed inside an actual home. Most of the action is in duos with bottoms getting screwed hard by forceful tops, but there are a handful of threeways. And these bottoms don't have an easy time of it as their tops abuse them verbally, spit on them, grab their heads and face fuck them, all before bending them over and drilling them hard.

There are currently 47 videos, just one more than there was during our last review over two years ago. The videos are offered in streaming Flash and play at around 640x360 at good amateur quality or better and these fare well in full-screen mode. There's also a low-res version of each video shown at 480x270, but I don't recommend these unless you're on very slow broadband as the quality is fairly low. The videos play smoothly and have good sound, but unfortunately they're not available for download.

Kallamacka's Stars section is a model index where you'll find all 25 of their performers, each with his own page. The pages include a profile, short description of the guy, plus links to his videos, and all but one include a link to a gallery of solo pics. The gallery shows only a single photo at a time with no thumbnails or other way to preview them, you must simply click to the next page over and over. The pics are often from more than one shoot, and are mostly sexy or nude photos shown at around 420x630 or bigger, most at good quality. They can't be saved in any way unless you want to take a screen capture.

Kallamacka is not a membership site, it's an online rental site. After signing up for a free account, you buy tickets and redeem them to rent each video for a 24-hour period. Tickets can be used in the Kallamacka theatre, as well as five other theatres in the same network. You can browse the other theatres, which are Sneaker Sex, Young Bastards and Spritzz, all produced by the same company, as well as licensed content from Staxus and Kink Force. They are all right there on the homepage, so you don't have to head off to a bunch of different sites. Some of the models appear in multiple sites, so while the sites have different themes, there's similarities as far as the types of guys.

I did run into a couple issues beside the lack of updates. When you click on the link to rent a video, there's no confirmation, so be sure not to click by accident. The other thing worth mentioning is that videos in the download section have to be purchased as a full DVD and you can't use your tickets for these, these are a separate purchase and cost up to $59.95 each. Finally, Spritzz recently split off and became a membership site, and while it's content is still on the members homepage, I don't know if this will always be the case. Still, it shouldn't be a huge issue as you're only renting the movies you pay for.

Kallamacka puts submissive bottom boys and aggressive tops together, so expect plenty of rough sex, shoe and sock worship, forced sex and more, not to mention plenty of foreskin. The videos are good quality and rentals allow you unlimited viewing for a 24-hour period. If you're not a huge porn consumer, this can be a cheaper option than joining a membership site. There are 47 videos here, plus over 600 in the other network theatres, although this site doesn't update. Still, if you're looking for European bad boys, chavs, scallies, and skinhead types, Kallamacka and the other sites in the network definitely deliver the goods.

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