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KOJO (Knocked Out Jerked Off) is a DVD series produced by Treasure Island Media, and now it's a website, too. There are 10 DVDs in the series, and so far six of them have made it to the website. The series follows Jack Miller, a pervert who likes fondling naked men who have passed out. He finds men who are down on their luck and offers them cash to swallow a couple of pills that render them unconscious, then he explores their bodies with his hands and jerks them off. Sounds hot! Join me, and let's take a look at this site together.

First things first. These videos are fantasy scenarios - no one is really knocked out against their will. Each scene states upfront "The men in this video have knowingly and with full consent taken substances that have induced a deep state of sleep. They have done so with the full knowledge that during the sleep they will be fondled and used sexually."

Sam is an artist Miller found on the sidewalk whose parents had cut him off after he told them he switched his college major from business to art. Sam could use the cash so he went back to Miller's place where he strips naked, gets into bed, and eventually passes out. Miller rifles through his pockets to see what he's got, then proceeds to explore Sam's body. He rubs Sam's shoulder, then gently pulls his armpit hair with his fingers. He feels Sam's whole body through the bed sheet at first, then pulls the sheet back and touches and rubs the guy's naked body. Miller has big, masculine hands and furry forearms and in this scene he's wearing a leather cock ring around his wrist. He puts some lube on Sam's butt hole and massages it, then Jack's hands find their way to the guy's cock. He strokes Sam's hard-on and plays with his balls, and a few minutes later, Sam's erection shoots its creamy goodness. Miller even scoops some up in his finger and wipes it across Sam's lips.

The scenes are filmed in different ways with some using the room's overhead lighting, others employee night-vision equipment, and still others are shot in darkness with nothing but a light that Jack is probably wearing on a harness attached to his head. The subdued lighting or night-vision scenes don't give us as much detail of the naked men, but that's why they're so hot – they really let your imagination stretch.

The men are a variety of types; in fact, there is no real type here. Anthony is a Latino gangbanger with chin scruff, tattoos and bushy pubes; Matt is an accountant with a smooth body and a fat uncut cock. Mike is an Italian bodybuilder and he's bald; Brandon is a student in his early twenties who's clean-shaven with a smooth body and a great round bubble butt; and Sven is a sexy daddy with a couple of day's worth of face scruff and a furry chest. Generally speaking, the men all appear to be in the twenties and thirties with fit bodies and some are more muscular than others while many aren't gym-fit at all. Most of the guys are white, but there are a few Latin and black men. There are a couple of porn regulars here including Dylan Strokes and Blake Daniels, but the majority of the guys are amateurs.

There are 84 videos on KOJO, and these are full scenes that are offered to stream in MP4 format. The videos have been filmed over a number of years so they come in anywhere from 640x480 to 848x480. The video quality varies depending on the lighting, but these are amateur productions, so they're not perfect nor are they meant to be. Nevertheless, they are fun and a turn-on to watch. These videos aren't offered as downloads, although there is a store where you can purchase the DVDs in downloadable format or as hard copies mailed to your home. KOJO adds a new video ever two weeks and they update on Wednesdays.

Many of the episodes come with a gallery of screencaps, and these also come in a different sizes ranging from 720x540 to 1920x1080 depending on the size the original video was shot. There are anywhere from 20 to 60 pictures, but again, not every scene has them. You view the pics in a slider with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pics individually by right-clicking them, but there's no downloadable zip files.

Members get access to some bonuses. There are two tubes offering a mix of videos uploaded by members, but there are also some TIM trailers to watch. One tube site is right in the member area, the other is a separate site. You can place your own ad in the personal section, you can talk to other members on the discussion board, and Fuck Roulette allows you to have cam-to-cam fun with other members of the site. Finally, there are two blogs, one written by TIM producer Max Sohl.

You can join KOJO as a standalone site for only $8 a month, but it's also offered as a pre-checked offer for half that price when you join TIM Fuck, TIM Suck or TIM Jack. So if you enjoy watching bareback sex, blowjobs, or guys jacking off, you may want to consider any of those options as they'll give you a lot more video, and in some cases weekly updates. Of course, they also cost more, while KOJO on its own is one of the lowest-priced porn sites anywhere.

There's not much wrong with KOJO. There are four pre-checked email offers on the join page, so if you don't want email ads and updates then simply opt out. I was disappointed that the videos aren't offered for download, but some companies do only offer streaming. And I would have liked all instead of most of the scenes to feature screencap galleries.

KOJO (Knocked Out Jerked Off) is a horny concept for a site, and I found myself continually watching the guys for a twitch, a sigh, or a smirk to indicate that they weren't really knocked out. These look like the real deal, but I'll be honest - I very much doubt that the men in these videos are being knocked out. That said, it's a hot fantasy. There are 84 videos to stream on your computer or mobile, and they add a new one every two weeks. In a sea of a lot of the same old thing, KOJO offers us something completely different and if this is your kink, I don't need to tell you that there's not a lot of this type of content out there. This site gets a thumbs up from me.

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