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Just Gone Gay offers all sorts of regular straight guy types ostensibly trying cock for their first times. The performers range from slender (some even skinny) and smooth to big and buff, with lots of average-built men in between. There's a fair amount of slightly scruffy types, some with tattoos, and while most of the guys here are from their twenties to their early thirties, there's also a few who are in their late thirties or early forties. And the good news is that they're interested in trying cock.

The plots here are very basic, which means we get right to the action. In one video I watched, a very cute twink admitted to a buddy that he'd never been with a guy, and they both decided to go for it. In another, a dude's girlfriend breaks up with him, so he and a friend decide it's time to try gay sex. There's plenty of cock sucking, often each guy taking a turn, and lots of fucking. And I must say that not only did I appreciate that the performers are native English speakers, but they seemed to be more into the action than do a lot of experienced porn stars. There's no shyness about the blowjobs, and no hesitation when it comes to the asses getting fucked.

Just Gone Gay offers 102 videos, each with pics, but updates stopped a couple months ago. Luckily there's extras to make up for the lack of new content, but first let's check out the videos. They're available in 3 DRM-free formats - Quicktime in full HD at 1920x1080, MP4 at 640x360 or a little larger and WMVs which are sized at 640x360. Quality is fair to good amateur, and while some may find the Quicktimes a bit large for their computers, the MP4s and WMVs should play find for just about anyone. All the videos are downloadable, plus there are streaming MP4s for those who prefer to watch rather than download.

Each video includes a set of digital stills. Quality here varies, but they're good-sized, and you can download them in a zip file or simply browse them in thumbnailed galleries. While lighting could sometimes be better, there were over 150 pics in each set I checked out, although sometimes there's some repetition.

When it comes to extras, Just Gone Gay is part of a gay porn network, so members get some nice options. Bonus site niches include black studs, barebacking, fetish and Asian guys. There's also a DVD archive, but after looking through it, it seems like the same content that's in the bonus site - just available to browse in a different way.

Does the site have issues? Well, as discussed, the site stopped updating. Not precisely an issue, but while I was able to download multiple videos at the same time, the download speeds are so-so, and that means you might have a wait ahead of you if you are saving several full HD videos. Last, I found that the largest HD Quicktimes didn't play as smoothly for me as similar sized MP4s or WMVs, but that could be my computer's set up.

Just Gone Gay delivers a variety of guys from twinks to hunks, average guys to hotties, in hardcore suck and fuck videos. Whether the guys are really straight didn't really matter to me, although many of them did seem very comfortable sucking dick. The action was hot - not loud, flashy sex, but most of the performers were really having a good time, and that counts. All 102 videos are downloadable, DRM free and available in 3 formats, and although the site no longer updates, there's some bonus sites to help keep members busy. The bottom line - if you're looking for regular guys in first-time gay sex videos (although not gay for pay), and don't mind the lack of updates, Just Gone Gay is worth checking out.

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