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Joe Gage is a well-known and often loved director of gay porn, and he's been filming for Titan Men for nearly a decade. Joe Gage Men brings together his 35 Titan DVDs in one site. Gage fans will love being able to enjoy the director's DVDs without having to hunt for them, but members also get access to Titan Men's entire collection of video, including the Titan Men Rough and Titan Men Fresh lines.

The performers on Joe Gage Men aren't any different from those you find on Titan Men. They're masculine muscle hunks in their twenties and thirties, often quite handsome and many with furry bodies and scruffy faces. The men aren't casual gym goers, they take very good care of their well-built physiques. And the stars here are among some of the best known in the gay porn business, newer performers like Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, George Ce, Hunter Marx, Adam Russo, Anthony London, and Jesse Jackman and classic stars like Jake Deckard, Diesel Washington, Eduardo, Dillon Buck, and Tober Brandt.

Joe Gage likes to push boundaries, and one of his favorite themes involves police men: dirty cops abusing their power, cops doing it on the job, cops taking advantage of their prisoners, and police men getting a little action in the course of doing their jobs. Another one of Gage's recurring themes is fathers and sons, so you'll find plenty of them skirting close to the edge and sharing horny bottoms together.

There are a few more things that set Joe Gage apart. He takes a run-of-the-mill and hackneyed porn scenario, like a guy who doesn't have money to pay the pizza delivery guy, and sauces it up by injecting suggestive dialogue, pregnant pauses, crotch groping, and long stares. One of my favorite Joe Gage devices is the bouncing cock where men stand around staring at one another while making their dicks dance hands-free. Joe Gage's way into the sex is often hotter than the sex itself. He sure knows how to drive us wild.

Joe Gage has filmed 35 DVDs for Titan Men, and they're all available in the members area. There are 228 videos, which not only include the actual scenes from the DVDs, but also behind-the-scenes reels, cumshot compilations, videos filmed during model photo shoots, interviews, and preview trailers. One DVD called "Road to Redneck Hollow" has 9 videos, but only 4 of them were actual action scenes, the rest were bonus content as I described.

Members can download 4 videos per month, and this monthly allotment increases the longer you remain a member, so after two months you're entitled to 8 monthly downloads and after a year you get 20 downloads every month. The downloads come in MP4 format in two different sizes: 640x480 for older releases and 848x480 for newer ones, and you can also stream the videos at 960x720 for older DVDs and 960x540 for newer releases. The aspect ratio of the older videos seemed a bit off and playback dimensions were more square than the newer letterbox versions. It's also worth mentioning that the videos here are compatible with many mobile devices.

There are 57 picture galleries that are a mix of digital stills of the performers and screencaps of the action shots. The digital stills are offered in three sizes of downloadable zip files - 1066x1600, 853x1280, and 682x1024 - and they display at smaller sizes on the site. But the display size depends on your device as the site uses responsive design, which adjusts the site so it fits perfectly on your tablet or cellphone. The screencaps are offered in three sizes, the largest is 1920x1080.

Updating at Joe Gage Men takes a bit of explaining. The number of new DVDs is slowing down, "Cut to the Chase" was the latest and only new DVD in the past year. There were three other DVD releases, but these were compilations with titles like "The Best of Joe Gage Daddies" or "The Best of Joe Gage Rednecks" and only featured scenes from previously-released DVDs. But even with limited new releases of actual Joe Gage scenes, members get access to the entire library of videos at Titan Men, Titan Rough (fetish sex), and Titan Fresh (Euro studs), which is over 2,500 videos.

I love Joe Gage; he's my all-time favorite director. As a fan, I don't think that Titan Men paid Gage the homage he deserved. Joe Gage Men is essentially a re-skinned Titan Men site with Gage's movies pulled from a database and displayed on a separate site. There's nothing special or different about Joe Gage Men compared to the other Titan sites. Missing from this site is any real information about the man himself; I would have loved to see more interviews and commentaries from Gage. Fans might be happy to find all of Gage's Titan DVDs in one place, but if they're looking for extras from and about the director, they'll be disappointed.

As a standalone site, Joe Gage Men does make it easy to enjoy all the director's work under one roof, although it doesn't give fans anything different than they find on Titan Men itself. You'll find masculine, muscular porn stars in hot, and sometimes edgy action. Joe Gage Men's update schedule is uncertain, but along with Titan Men's network updates, members can expect to get at least one update a week (maybe more), although these won't be Joe Gage productions. If you like the men who appear in Gage's DVDs, you should be happy with the site as the performers cross over into other Titan Men videos.

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