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Jock Physical explores the medical fetish with mostly athletic guys getting a very thorough physical exam by a white-coated man playing doctor and everything happens in a fairly well-equipped exam room. The tour gives a pretty good idea of what to expect inside the member area, and I love the recent claim: "Now more medically invasive than ever!" The videos here include a nice long medical-style exam using real equipment, which can be humiliating for the models, although in some sessions, the exams also seemed to be quite stimulating.

The patients here are a good collection of twenty-something guys with mostly athletic bodies. Some are sporting lean physiques with ripped abs, while others are a little more muscular; some are built like runners and others like rugby players. Most of the jocks are smooth, but there's the odd one who is hairy, others may have a small patch of fur in the middle of their chest. During the site's first couple of years most of the guys were Caucasian, but starting about 2013 the patients starting showing more diversity, and the latest year, 2015, has a fantastic mix of Caucasian, black, Latino men, as well as a few Middle Eastern guys. I was really excited by the mix of guys. As well, a few of the guys return for multiple sessions ranging from check-ups, follow-ups, or exams for specific things like injuries or urinary tract infections.

Danil Redding is a 19-year-old, scruffy-face muscle stud who injured himself during a weight-lifting session and he's come to the doctor for some relief. After talking about his symptoms, Danil strips and lies back on the exam table and the doctor does a full exam. He's a beefy guy with a bit of hair on his chest. We don't see all of the doctor, but we see his white coat and rubber-gloved hands. He competently checks Danil's ears, chest, feels the throat glands, palpates the stomach, and checks the muscle on his patient's torso and back. He tests reflexes, then examines Danil's balls carefully and does a hernia check. Then it's time for the patient to get on all fours so the doctor can take his temperature and do a prostate exam with a couple fingers up Danil's ass. Under the guise of collecting a sample of sperm, the doctor strokes Danil's dick to get it hard (he has to make sure everything is working), and then, the patient masturbates and ejaculates into the sample collector.

Lately, Jock Physical has introduced duo sessions under a series called Prostate Study where the doctor teaches a couple of guys the importance and health benefits of prostate stimulation. I didn't enjoy these as much and found them a bit awkward as each guy helps the doctor poke and prod the other. These sessions didn't seem as real and were just a pretense to get a couple of guys jacking off together. As well, the guys in these sessions were decidedly different and not really jocks. There aren't a lot of them, but I thought it was important to discuss them.

The exams are realistic and the doctor interacts with his patients throughout the session, asking them questions and making suggestions on how they can avoid injuries or remedy pain. These aren't just a quick two-minute exams to get us to the doctor perving on his patient's cock, they're full and complete exams, each lasting about 30 minutes from interview through the exam, then sperm collection, and finally, the patient cleans up and gets dressed.

Jock Physical has grown to 451 exclusive videos. The site adds two videos every Tuesday and Friday, so members can expect eight new episodes every month. The newest videos are only available in MP4 format and they play at 1280x720, there's a mobile version as well at 868x490. Older videos come in both MP4 and Flash format and play at 720x404. The videos are good amateur quality and they're full scenes, the older videos aren't as crisp as the newer ones, but they still quite enjoyable.

In 2013 the site has also started adding a set of pics for each video, there are around 250 of these and the pics display at 720x404 to 1280x720, depending on the age of the video. These are average quality screencaps sized at the same size as the vids, and they really help preview the action, although to be fair, each scene has a long, juicy description along with comprehensive stats including everything from height, weight, and measurements to both flaccid and erect penis measurements, and the jock's favourite sports and sexual orientation.

There have been complaints in this review's comments about a pre-checked offer on the join page with on of the billers, and while I didn't encounter this during this review, it's always a good practice to check the sign-up page of any site for other offers. The site also used to offer a blog, but it's gone.

If you're looking for a medical fantasy site, Jock Physical delivers real amateur jocks getting very realistic physical exams. As far as the fantasy goes, the 451 videos deliver the goods very well. While the few other sites of this type I've seen go a bit over the top, this one shows the guys, vulnerable and naked as they are poked, prodded, examined in every way. Twice weekly updates, nice long descriptions of the action and model profiles round out the site nicely. The videos are downloadable and offered in MP4 format. Jock Physical has a lot to offer if you have a medical fetish and like amateur college-aged guys.

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