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Jock Men Live is a brand new site where you can hang out and chat with muscle men from around the world. There are 69 men from the U.S. and Europe signed up and more are joining the network every week. It's February 2015 and the site is just getting off the ground.

Most of these men are muscle hunks or serious bodybuilders. Spartan is a handsome man weighing 245 pounds with a 54-inch chest and 32-inch thighs and he's completely smooth and very ripped. Thomas Harden is a blond, British hunk with lots of tattoos and he's much leaner across his 45-inch chest. Dennis is a big, beefy hunk with a beard and shaved head; he likes to work out naked and follows a traditional bodybuilder routine, and he likes kickboxing for fun.

The men range in their twenties and thirties, and there are quite a few in their forties, and I even saw one man who is in his fifties, and he sure doesn't look it. The men are in fantastic shape and their physiques range from fitness magazine cover models to serious bodybuilders. You'll find heaps of gym trainers and several competitive bodybuilders. Of the 69 men currently on the site, all except two are white.

So how does the site work? The homepage shows you who is online and available to chat. There's also a selection of picture galleries and videos from the archives; there's an activity section detailing new sponsorships, galleries, and comments; and then there's the gallery of men who hang out on the site but aren't currently logged in.

When the men are on the site, you can enter his chat area and it free to talk to him or join in the chat room conversation, these are called "Public Show Sessions." If you want the hunk all to yourself, you can request a "Private Show Session" and these cost between 30 to 70 credits per minute. Credits cost around $1 US for 10, so you're looking at between $3 and $7 a minute. There's a "Group Private Show Session" that runs from 20 to 40 credits per minute and you'll be joined by other viewers. There are two other options called "Party Chat" (10 credits a minute) and "Voyeur Chat" (10 to 30 credits a minute), but neither of those are explained.

You can tip the guys whenever you want and there's also a "Sponsorship" section where you can help out your favorites by donating credits towards supplements, gym memberships, training, bodybuilding competition travel, and contest entry fees - you name it.

I checked out Claude Palaton, a twenty-something Romanian stud. He's good looking, wears face scruff, and has a beautiful smile. He's a fun-loving guy who you'll probably catch bare chested and lip syncing to whatever music he's playing. What beautiful pecs! He talked to me for a bit and asked me if I wanted a private show. I asked if he'd show me his foreskin, he said he would, so we went private.

Claude gave me a dance unbuttoning his jeans and dropping them to the floor. He's wearing tight boxer briefs and turns around to show me his ass when I ask. I want to see his cock, so he pulls off his underwear and moves closer to the camera so I can enjoy his meaty uncut dick. I ask him to do various things like pull his foreskin back or squeeze it over his cock head. Claude is engaging, too, asking me if I like his dick or telling me that it's 8x6 when fully erect. I was happy with the time I spent with Claude and I got the sense that he'd go as far as I wanted, but I had a limited number of credits for this review and wanted to leave some for my editor. What a nice guy, eh?

The models on the site can upload private pictures and videos and you can buy them using your credits. Right now there are 86 videos and 57 galleries. Some of the videos are hardcore with jacking off, sucking and fucking, but you'll find others with posing and flexing, workout and training tips and stripping. Claude has 11 videos including one of him in the bathtub. Most of the hardcore action videos have been uploaded by the one other model, so I don't know how representative this is going to end up being of the general offering once more hunks add theirs.

The videos are downloadable in MP4 and Flash formats, and sizes range from 320x240 (this small size isn't common) to 1280x720; streaming is also available. Because the videos are filmed with a variety of equipment, be prepared for differences in quality. Some of those hardcore videos are professionally produced pornos, while others are filmed with webcams or stationary cameras by the models themselves. They also set the prices: one guy charges 20 credits for eight photos, another charges 300 credits for his 10-minute bedroom session called "Cum Snuggle with Me." The site says that new content is added every day, which is more or less the case.

The site is brand new, so it's very much a work in progress. For instance, I didn't find any of the men had their schedules filled out letting us know when they're usually online. As I'm writing this review, it's late afternoon in Toronto, but late night in Europe. When I first logged in a couple of hours ago there were two guys online, then there were four, and right now there are three and one of those is engaged in a private chat. But as I said, the site is just getting off the ground.

There are a lot of hunks on Jock Men Live that I'd love to spend time with. Claude Palaton, that sexy Romanian stud with the friendly smile, was a nice introduction to the site. He was fun and seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and of course, I loved the private show that he gave me. If the other men are as engaging and friendly, I'm sure you'll have a good time here checking out the from all well-built hunks and athletes to huge competition bodybuilders.

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