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Jock Hunter is a reality-style site where a man (the Jock Hunter) and his camera dude go looking for athletic guys to pick up and fuck. The camera man poses as a guy just out tubing, as he calls it, or making videos for his sports tube channel where he films guys playing sports. When the pair finds a guy they like they chat him up, asking if they can film him working out or doing yoga, for example, and the camera man films as his buddy eventually makes his move and gets the jock sucking his cock and more. Sounds like fun, so let's head inside and check it out.

The guys on the site are mostly well-known porn performers like Sean Duran, Logan Vaughn, Johnny Forza, Johnny Forza and Brock Avery. They're all sporting athletic and well-defined or muscular bodies with big cocks.There are a variety of scenarios like a baseball player batting balls, a guy doing yoga on the beach, another guy gets picked up while jogging, there's a guy shooting hoops on the basketball court, and another gets picked up in the weight-lifting gym; one guy even puts the moves on his fighting coach. So the variety of scenarios getting these guys into the sex is nice to see. The Jock Hunter himself isn't always the same performer; Sean Duran did two scenes, Brock Avery filmed one, and Johnny Forza has shot five videos.

And once the guys head into the sex, there's plenty of sucking and fucking. Sometimes they do it in the gym, other times they move to a more secluded location like a backyard pool, a locker room or the gym showers. And after these bottoms have been thoroughly fucked, their Jock Hunter blows his load wherever he wants, like on their well-fucked holes, their bellies, or all over their faces.

The 10 videos here are offered in downloadable MP4 and come in four sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080, the smaller sizes being ideal for mobiles. The videos feature good picture clarity and sound, which is nice since there's quite a bit of dialogue and set-up before the guys fuck. If you prefer to watch the videos online, you can stream them at two different sizes (640x360 and 856x480) in an embedded player. But you also have to option to open a pop-up viewer and play them, as well full-screen mode is available and the videos fare quite well.

There are two picture galleries with each video; a set of digital stills and one of screencaps. They display at 2000x1333 (digital stills) and 1280x720 (screencaps), and they're good quality, especially the screencaps. You can download them all in a zip file or save them individually to enjoy later. There are up to 600 pics in each set, but due to repetitive shots, they could have pared each set down to 150 pics with no problem.

The site stopped updating shortly after it opened in September 2014. They did add two more scenes after our initial review, but haven't added anything new since. Also, back then we reported than your membership included 11 bonus sites, but that's no longer the case - too bad since this site only offers 10 videos.

Are there any more issues at Jock Hunter? There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that'll sign you up for another site, but it's easy enough to opt out of. The site also has a full-page ad after you log in and you have to find the enter link, which is on the small size. And if you're signing up on their one-day trial membership, be aware that it rebills at $10 more than a regular membership. There's a heap of advertising in the members area, some of it designed to look like content or bonus sites and there are even animated banners right beside the video player.

Jock Hunter was a promising site with a great theme. Unlike a lot of reality sites, Jock Hunter feels more believable, and even though the guys are established porn performers, I had no problems buying into these situations. And who doesn't like a tight or well-defined body? These men are in great shape without being massive gym heads, and the sex is hot. Unfortunately Jock Hunter dropped the ball on production, now offering 10 videos and no updates, and also no longer includes any bonus sites. You could always check out the site on their one-day trial - perhaps wait for a day when you call in sick and make it a porno day.

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