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Jock Butt is a muscle site featuring hot beefcake bodybuilders, built guys, and amateur bodybuilders in erotic videos, and as you may expect from the site's title, the focus here in on round and firm muscle asses and bubble butts. But don't worry, you'll see plenty more of these hunks. We haven't reviewed the site since 2011, so it's well overdue for another look.

The men on Jock Butt work out as a way of life, and they love showing off their hard, muscled bodies. Don't expect actual porn, as this is a muscle worship site, so you'll see good-looking fitness models, and bodybuilders in a variety of solo sessions, posing, working out, and occasionally appearing in nude movies and galleries.

Peter Latz and Big Roger are a couple of well-known bodybuilders who appear in a video together. They emerge from the patio door wearing skimpy swimsuits and white tank tops. Their rolling shoulders and massive biceps are busting out of their shirts, their hard chiseled pecs strain under the fabric. They position themselves by the pool and Roger rubs his hands across Peter's pecs revealing how carved they are. The men get into the pool and lean their strong arms on the deck and pump their legs slowly in the water. After giving us a good butt show, they stand by the edge of the pool and Roger removes Peter's swimsuit and rubs his face along his buddy's big, strong ass.

There are plenty of videos with solo men pumping and posing - some work out, others walk along beaches and play in the surf, still others sun themselves and rub their bodies by the pool. No matter what they're doing, we're treated to a good look at their gorgeous, built bodies in both indoor and outdoor scenes.

When we last visited Jock Butt in 2011 there were 121 videos in three areas: High Def, JockButt, and Exxtra, and now there are 168 videos. There are four videos in the High Def section, and since they play at 720x406, they're not actually high def. There are 95 videos in the JockButt section, and you watch these in a streaming Flash player at 640x480. There's a full-screen option, but the results aren't great, mainly because the videos themselves aren't terribly crisp to begin with. There are another 73 videos in the Exxtra section and these are collected from various sources, but not filmed by Jock Butt, and these play at a paltry 320x240. The videos are streaming only, none are offered for download, and while some are full scenes, many are broken into a couple of updates.

There are 356 galleries in four different sections. Jockstrap Photos is the biggest with 171 galleries, but funnily enough most feature the men in attire like shorts and underwear, although there are plenty of jockstraps, too. There's a Thongs & Swimwear section, a Nude Art section, and Exxtra Galleries, which again, are collected from various sources but aren't photographed by the site itself, but this is where you'll find the few erections available on the site. The newest and largest pictures are 683x1024, but older galleries contain smaller sizes and too varied to mention. There is a hands-free slideshow feature, and you can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip files available.

The videos and photo galleries on the members homepage are dated. This makes it look like the site is still updating, however I strongly suspect Jock Butt is on auto pilot and the content is being re-dated to appear as new. Another site run by the same producer is doing this, and I'm not seeing anything on Jock Butt that leads me to believe these are brand new videos. In fact, several of the "new" guys I haven't seen around the circuit for a while.

There used to be a lot more available at Jock Butt like news, a blog, and an interactive section where members could send in their own pictures, but it's all disappeared and there are no extras here. A link to Live Cams takes you to a third-party cam site with some free action, but where you must pay more to get fully involved. There's a links section that gives you some other muscle sites to check out, but they all cost extra. There aren't even any profiles or stats of the men on the site.

I tried playing the videos on my Android tablet and I wasn't able to; another reviewer was also unable to stream the videos. This is probably because the videos come in streaming Flash, which has lost support on the web and isn't supported by most mobiles either. The videos played fine on my desktop computer though.

Jock Butt gets a mixed review from me. The men are hot and their bodies are gorgeous, and while there's been some growth since our last review nearly five years ago, it's not enough to suggest the site is updating nowadays. As I said earlier, I strongly suspect the site is running on auto pilot and re-dating older videos so they appear to be new. Still, if you go in expecting this is what you're getting, you shouldn't be disappointed. Regardless, Jock Butt has 168 videos and over 350 picture galleries, so there's plenty to enjoy here for the duration of your membership.

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