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Jimmy Z Productions offers some of the hottest, biggest and most muscular bodybuilders on the web. We're not talking about the hunks you'll find on a lot of porn sites - we're talking about bulging pecs and biceps, massive thighs, huge shoulders and shredded six-pack abs. Most of the men here are ripped with every developed muscle in their backs showing in detail; the performers here are handsome, masculine and powerful, not to mention sexy as hell - the kind of muscle gods who turn heads everywhere they go.

Many of the men here are competition quality, and their bodies show the sweat and work they put in at the gym to transform themselves. I recognized many of them from other muscle worship sites, men like Damn Danilo and Big Roger, and there are a lot of bodybuilders porn stars here including Vin Marco, Samuel Colt, Robert Van Damme, Kyle Stevens, Trenton Ducati, JR Bronson and Alexy Tyler.

Expect serious posing and flexing in tight tanks and shorts, then more as the clothes come off. The guys show off in their tiny posing trunks that leave nothing to the imagination. Or full nudity, showing magnificent bodies, throbbing cocks and sculpted asses. The camera work and lighting show each bodybuilder off at his best. And there's more! This site offers massive bodybuilders competing and stripping on stage in live muscle shows where some of the audience gets to touch that exposed muscle as the men show their rock-hard physiques. They interact with each other and the guys who cheer them on, and I really enjoyed these videos.

Some of the sessions offer full nudity where the guys go all the way, stroking their cocks and shooting their loads, but not all do. Many of the videos offer us good look at the men's bodies, but we have to imagine what's under their skimpy shorts, underwear, swimsuits or singlets. And many of the scenes feature the men working out in the gym.

Jimmy Z Productions offers 463 exclusive videos. The videos are offered in QuickTime or MP4 format, and the newer vids are offered for download at 1280x720 while the older ones play at 640x360 or some a little smaller at 480x360. They're good amateur quality or better. Each video is also available in streaming QuickTime or MP4 format, and these play at from 464x336 (older) to 802x450 (newer); many of the larger videos fare well enough in full-screen mode, although there is some quality loss. Some of the videos are full scenes, but many scenes are broken into two updates. The newest videos are 30 minutes or more long, many that aren't quite so new are over 20 minutes, although the oldest vids are shorter.

The site also offers 312 picture sets. The pics are good amateur quality or better digital stills, the newer pics sized at 600x900 to 668x1000, the older at around 360x550. The pics show the men with their bulging muscles and the action beautifully. The posing sessions, the cock shots, the men being stroked by muscle-hungry members of the audience; it's all caught perfectly, to give you a taste of these amazing muscle men at their hottest. There are no hands-free slideshows or downloadable zip files, though, and you can't even save the pictures individually.

Sadly, site owner Jimmy Z died in August 2014, and while the site updated for more than a year after his passing, it hasn't added a new video since September 2015. But don't let that deter you, there's heaps of stuff here to enjoy. I didn't find any other major issues here. Yeah, the older pics and vids could be bigger, streaming videos have to fully load before you can fast forward, and I found the downloads a bit sluggish, but that's about it.

The model index tells us a little about each model, and links to each of his pic sets and videos. The ads - and there aren't that many - are simple banners, not thumbs created to fool members into clicking. In short, this is a good site designed to make the most of the member experience, and I very rarely say things like this.

As a fan of well-built men with huge muscles, I liked Jimmy Z Productions and the site certainly delivers the goods - the men are real beefcake. True, some have bigger physiques than others, but all of them are built. The 463 videos are downloadable and DRM-free or you can stream them, and both pics and videos show off the men to perfection. Jimmy Z passed away, so I'm afraid that means the site isn't updating any longer, but there's still plenty here to keep you entertained. The bodybuilders include a variety of porn stars - and we're talking big, buff porn hunk here - and models, and they know how to display themselves in all their masculine perfection. If you love muscle men and muscle worship, you should love what Jimmy Z Productions has to offer.

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