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Jessie Colter has worked for porn sites all over the web, and he's filmed for quite a few large studios, too. He has a site of his own called Jessie Colter XXX where he explores his kinkier side. He's a good-looking guy, probably in his late twenties, who sports a chiseled body he gets from working out five times a week. He's naturally furry but moderately so, and he usually wears face scruff of some kind. He stands 6'2" and weighs a solid 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes, and he's packing an eight-inch, cut cock.

Colter is versatile, so you'll see him topping and bottoming in these videos, although there's not that much anal sex on this site. He excels at fetish play and loves role playing, sex toys, BDSM, shaving, spanking, water sports, and he's really into foot play, judging from the number of foot fetish videos on the site. It's this kinky side that he explores on his site, although he has some solos; these include foot play and sounding, so they're not just basic solo masturbation sessions.

I watched a video called "Jessie Jerk Off Instruction" where he talks to the camera as if you were standing in front of him. He has just gotten home from the gym, he pulls off his shoes and gives them a snort, then tells you how stinky they are. He tells you to pull out your cock and instructs you on how you should stroke it for him while he watches. Colter himself never takes his clothes off, he just teases us with his bare feet and lots of good dirty talk. Colter is a natural, and I didn't feel like he was just running through the same old routine he gives everyone. He keeps talking to you until he seems to sense you're ready to unload your nuts, then gives you permission to drop your wad on the floor.

I watched another video where Lance Hart bangs on Jessie's door. Lance has dropped by to introduce himself to his new neighbor. The two eventually figure out that they know each other from high school, and it turns out that Lance used to bully Jessie and give him wedgies. So Jessie pushes Lance over a chair, spanks his ass through his shorts, then proceeds to pull down the bully's shorts and give him a wedgie. Jessie drags Lance over the couch and continues to hold Lance's underwear high in the air so it's pulling up his ass crack, then he force feeds his high-school bully his big cock. A few minutes later, Jessie cums in Lance's mouth and makes him swallow it.

So that's the kind of nastiness you can expect from Jessie Colter XXX. There's quite a bit of foot play with Jessie both on the giving and receiving end of foot worship, and there's a bit of spanking too. There's some cock sucking and handjob action as well. There's also a delicious video where Jessie straps fellow porn performer Alex Adams into a wooden chair, then he hooks up some electrodes and tells Alex to do certain things like get his dick fully hard in under three minutes. If Alex doesn't reach his goal, he gets shocked. Kinky!

There are 47 videos on Jessie Colter XXX; most are full scenes but a couple are broken into two parts. This isn't a membership site - the videos are available to download, and you purchase them on a per-scene basis. The videos are offered in MP4 format at one size at 960x540, and should play on most computers, tablets and newer mobiles. They're good amateur productions with good lighting, sound and camera angles, plus there's some thought put into the scenarios with a decent amount of set-up to get us into the action, but not too much.

Each video has a detail page with a longish animated GIF instead of a preview clip, and there's a write-up detailing who is in the scene, its length and a description of what happens. There are no picture galleries on this site, but the animated GIFs does help preview the action.

Now for the bad news. The site has grown since our last visit, but it's been a year and a half since it last updated, so I don't expect it will be adding anything new in the future. I didn't run into any other issues with the site, but I wish there was more of Jessie's personality on the site rather than just in the videos. He certainly shines through in the videos, but a bio and stats section would be nice, maybe a small blog telling us what he's up to. Also, when I went to the model index, there are models listed, but no profiles or info, and I'd love to be able to sort through the guys and learn a little about them rather than just seeing links to each guy's videos.

I liked the videos I saw at Jessie Colter XXX. He's a hot performer who comes across as horny, authentic and convincing, and he's a damned good dirty talker, too. You'll particularly like the offerings here if you're into foot play, and there's a good amount of spanking, too. There are 47 videos, and the nice thing about is that you're not locked into a membership - you can buy as many or as few videos as you want. And although prices vary, you can download one of the vids for $7 or $8 to see if you enjoy it. But I'm sure you will as Jessie is a kinky fucker and a lot of fun to watch.

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