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It's been four years since we've taken a look at Jeans Fetish Porn. The good news is that it has grown in size and still gives us the same blue jeans and denim BDSM fetish content we got off with on the last visit. The site is all about amateur guys who are into wearing jeans while dominating other amateur guys, and there's a bit of a clothed-male, naked-male theme going on too.

The guys here are into their fetish and they're 18+ East European guys. They are amateurs, and there's a nice mix of looks, though most of the models are slim and smooth, uncut and average. There are some hotties, like Kevin the skinhead with a hard attitude and a gorgeous baby face; there's Rodrigo who looks like your classic porn twink; and then rough and hard-looking Boss Richard. Listening to the guys I'd say they were East European and Russian, though some of the written language is in German. The subs are given names such as Slave (I guess they don't deserve anything else), who's average looking and a bit sporty; then there's Slave 2, who's more your boy next door type. And then you've got the guys whose faces you don't see, the mask-wearing slaves or masters who only show their menacing eyes and foul mouths. Mind you, you do see their meaty uncut cocks.

The theme that holds the content together is the denim. The tops like to keep their tight blue jeans on while they use and abuse their slaves, and they sometimes wear denim jackets. There's a fair nod towards the skinhead trend and style including braces, drainpipes (or slim-fits, as they are called now), and traditional worn denim with some patches, rubbed out crotches, and ass-hugging backsides. The denim part of the fetish is nicely consistent. And so is the BDSM, though other fetish action comes in. You've got sneaker sex and trainer worship, some foot worship, too, as well as face-sitting and spanking, anal insertions and watersports. In fact, whatever the jean-clad tops can do to the naked and helpless bottoms, they will do.

When we last visited Jeans Fetish Porn in 2011 there were 26 exclusive videos; now, five years later, there are 232. That's a rough average of one new video each week. There is an area called Future which shows what's coming next, and the dates are shown here; it looks like updates do indeed happen at the rate of one new fetish video each week. Movies are DRM-free, and are shown in Flash streams in a 640x360 sized player; you can go full screen, although expect a noticeable loss of sharpness and clarity. Some vids have music that can be fairly heavy and relentless; the sound is otherwise natural and the overall quality is a good amateur standard. Movies run for between one and 20 minutes but you're not able to download them until you have been a member for two months.

There are two picture sections here. The first contains digital stills, and this holds 85 photo sets with around 100 pics each, though numbers vary. The images are sized up to 1348x660 and are a decent quality. The pics open in new windows one at a time, which is a bit cumbersome, and the thumbnails are really small, but they give you good action shots. The Video Pictures (screencaps) collection holds 239 sets of images, with varying numbers per set, and these are also up at the same size and are decent quality. None of the image sets have slideshows or zip file downloads.

There are no bonuses here. There is a link to the shop where you'd have to spend money to buy the videos you can download after you've been a member for two months. The site isn't interactive or informative, you can't rate content or leave comments, and the design is very basic, but it all works. There is a model index where you can browse and find content according to the cute or rough or masked man of your choice. There were 37 guys here, the masters are shown on the first page and the slaves get pushed back to page two. You can see how many videos or galleries each guy has but there is no more info than that; this is still an improvement on our last visit.

Most of the issues we ran into last visit still apply; you can still only download the videos after two months of membership, there's no information about the models or the scenes, and the videos - though suggested as HD on the tour - are really standard definition. While the older vids are sometimes quite short, the newer ones are significantly longer; most are between nine and 32 minutes.

Something hooked me about Jeans Fetish Videos, and I think it was the guys. They are Euro boys, 18 to 23, tough but also cute; they maintain the denim fetish throughout, apart from a couple of naked hardcore threesome scenes. There's plenty of uncut Euro cock and of course plenty of BDSM, watersports, humiliation, and other fetish action. The site gives us some hardcore fetish action and yet there's something naive about it. The 232 videos are decent - not studio quality, but they work. It would be good to be able to download straight off, but you can't. The images are a decent quality, too, and the site has been averaging an update per week for years now. Jeans Fetish Videos is consistent, amateur, and enthusiastically done, and probably one of the only denim fetish, gay hardcore sites around.

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