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Jaxson from Jaxson Online is a hot, silver daddy in his 60s who may look like someone's conservative grandpa in his clothes, but once they come off, he's a dirty talker who loves stroking his cock and playing with his ass for his viewers. He's slim with a hairy chest and unshaven pubes; he's also clean-shaven with no tattoos, usually wears glasses, and he looks very at home in a suit and tie. His cock is a grower, and when hard it's meaty with a large mushroom head.

The action here is solo, but there's some variety. There's plenty of cock stroking (while telling viewers to choke on it or that they'd maybe like to put their tongue on it) and he fingers his own ass with enthusiasm. There's also some dildo play, and he might take some of his pre-cum and eat it. Often smiling with a naughty twinkle in his eye at the camera or doing some nasty talking. Overall this is some hot masturbation, and you can see that he really loves ass play and jerking off for the camera.

Jaxson Online currently offers members exclusive 163 videos, and that number should grow quickly as just last month the site added 16 more. The videos are offered in DRM-free MP4 format in four sizes, the largest at 1920x1080 and the two smallest sizes good for older mobiles. Quality is amateur to good amateur, some videos being sharp and clear and others still decent. You can also stream the videos in the same four resolutions; although the player stays the same size, the quality improves as you go with the two HD versions. While some of the videos run nine to over 13 minutes, others range from one to five minutes.

There are also 17 picture sets. These are amateur to good amateur quality, probably digital stills but there could be some screencaps. The sizes seem a bit variable, and I found some at about 790x820 and 1064x812, but it's hard to give exact sizes because there's no right-clicking on the pics pages and the sizes weren't shown on the page source. There are anywhere from four to 15 pics per set with the exception of a gallery photos of other men Jaxson thinks are hot.

There are some issues worth discussing. First is a notification pop-up that, if clicked either on purpose or by accident, may send notifications about the site via your browser. If you're using a shared or work computer, I'd suggest you block this or your boss or roommate could end up seeing Jaxson-Online notifications. The most recent picture set was added about two months ago, and there's no way to know whether there will be more pictures added. As mentioned, some of the videos are short, and there are occasional effects in them that you may find breaks the mood, although they didn't really bother me.

Jaxson Online is perhaps the only site featuring a cam guy and hung silver daddy in his sexy 60s who loves showing off his cock and ass for the camera and delivering creamy cumshots. There are 163 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, 17 picture sets and the site updates several times per month. While some of the videos are on the short side, Jaxson himself lets his libido show as he strokes his dick and gets off for us. If you love men horny, playful and over 60, Jaxson Online is one site you'll definitely want to check out.

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