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Porn performer Jason Strong has filmed for a lot of smaller sites and video projects under a number of different names, but a few years ago he launched his own site called Jason Strong Tickling. He loves finding a man's ticklish spots, then making him squirm and laugh. It's been two years since we reviewed his site, so it's time to head back for a fresh look.

In the early days, the guys on Jason Strong Tickling were mostly amateurs, guys in their twenties with fit and athletic bodies. But many of the men hit the gym hard and are sporting well-defined and muscular bodies. Blonds, brunettes, redheads, or bald, they're all here. The majority of the performers are smooth and clean shaven, but there are furry guys, as well as some wearing facial hair. The newer tickling sessions still feature amateur guys, but you'll find many of your favorite porn hunks wriggling and laughing here, too - men like Hans Berlin, Shay Michaels, Matt Stevens, Derek Parker, Armond Rizzo, and J.R. Bronson.

Jason Strong does most of the tickling. He's a good-looking man in his thirties with a ripped body. Sometimes Strong is joined by another stud who helps with the tickling. Either way, Strong is a tickling fetishist who gets off watching a guy squirming and helpless, but he's particularly good at the psychological tease as well. He seems to get an extra thrill when a restrained guy's eyes dart around trying to discover what's coming next, and even when they figure it out, there's nothing they can do about it.

There's usually a scenario that gets us into the tickling like the pizza boy delivered the wrong order and two muscle hunks drag him to the couch; another scene has two guys doing planks and the guy who falls first gets tickled; a third has a couples therapist (Jason Strong) recommending a tickling session for the more uptight of the two guys.

The performers are restrained in some way - straps, leather wrist cuffs or sometimes portable stocks - and wearing nothing but their underwear, then Jason sets about finding their ticklish spots. He oils up their feet and says in one video that makes their soles more sensitive; he usually asks the guys their shoe size because the fans love knowing. Jason mostly uses his fingers tickling the guy's sides and underarms, the nook of their neck, the inside of their thighs, and of course, their feet. He also uses various brushes on the guy's feet to get him roaring. Sometimes the guys getting tickled are blindfolded to heighten the tease, and in these sessions Jason scratches the couch fabric to get a guy's anticipation churning. They squirm wondering where Jason's fingers are headed.

One of Jason's favorite tickling tools is the battery-operated toothbrush which, when used on feet, nipples and underarms, really get the guys laughing and struggling hard. One poor guy watched as Jason duct taped a toothbrush to the soles of his feet, all the while he was saying, "Are you kidding me?" Then Jason turned them on and the guy twisted and flailed on the bench chortling and laughing. One guy had two toothbrushes shoved down his underwear, and after a few seconds of heavy laughing, he yelled, "Oh my God, I'm going to pee myself!"

Jason Strong Tickling offers 489 exclusive videos, and the members area is very clean with no banners or other clutter. Newer videos can be downloaded or streamed in QuickTime format and are sized at 1280x720. The older videos are offered in both WMV and QuickTime formats and can be streamed or downloaded at 640x360. The videos are good amateur productions with decent lighting and good sound.

Each video comes with a small set of screencaps, anywhere from 12 to 18 pictures. They are sized at from 530x300 to 866x480 in a pop-up with a hands-free slideshow feature. The quality isn't bad for screencaps and gives you an idea of the action. Unfortunately there's no way to save the pictures; there's not even a downloadable zip file.

And now we get to the downside. After several years of updates, Jason Strong Tickling has stopped updating, but believe it or not, there's an upside to that. Jason is being very upfront about the lack of updates - he tells potential members on the first tour page, and to make up for it, the site is only $12.95 for a full month, and the only membership option is a non-recurring one. You're welcome to sign up for another month, of course, and with almost 500 videos to get through, you may well decide to do so. While not an issue, it's important to mention that there's no full nudity here and the focus is on tickling, not sex.

I really enjoyed Jason Strong Tickling. It's a simple site with lots of sexy guys, and it never detours from the theme. I watched a few videos, and although I'm not into tickling, I wanted to see more. Maybe I'm a closet tickler, or perhaps the laughter was just infectious - I did catch myself over and over with a big grin on my face. Either way, the site is appealing. Jason Strong himself comes across as likable and fun, not to mention sexy as hell. I also enjoyed seeing a different side of my favorite performers - porn sex is often so serious that it was nice seeing guys having fun and laughing. Also even though the site no longer updates, there are 489 videos, definitely enough to keep you busy. And if you're into tickling, I can't imagine that you'd be disappointed with Jason Strong Tickling, as it's a good solid site.

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