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Jalif Studio is a Spanish porn production company well know for its dirty and edgy themes. They recently added their DVDs to a their own theater in the Studio Presse network. This video network already has a number of other fetish sex theaters and production companies, so Jalif Studio fits right in. Currently there are scenes from 44 DVDs in their theater, so let's get over there and have a look.

If you're into sweet-faced Spanish boys and handsome gym jocks, you won't find many of those types here. Jalif Studio gives us a healthy helping of muscle bears, daddies, hairy men, leather men and even some I can't describe completely because they wear balaclavas. Jalif Studio doesn't shy away from men with hairy bodies, beards, bald heads, or tattoos. You'll also find plenty of regular guys with either slender or athletic bodies, and there are quite a few black men here, too. And you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

There are both unknowns and regular porn performers playing in these Jalif Studio productions. The company films in Spain, so you'll find lots of newcomers, many of whom go on to have porn careers and film with other European companies. But you'll also find many of your favorite porn hunks here like Airor Crash, Martin Mazza, George Ballantinos, Mario Domenech, and other Europeans like Peto Coast, among others.

With DVD titles like "Dirty Raw Bastards," "Fist 'n' Fuck Orgy," "Toilet Slaves," "Kings of Piss," "Bare Fuck Party," and "Brazilian Barebackers," it's not hard to figure out that Jalif Studio is one hot and very dirty place. In one scene, two beefy and hairy men wearing balaclavas fuck each other raw; in another, a straight married man submits himself to a masked Master in his home dungeon. One of my favorites was called "Cue Stick Up Ur Hole" which features three burly muscle men playing a two-on-one game of Foosball in a bar, and when the it's over the winner claims his prize by making the others suck his dick. Two of the men fuck the third with pool cues, then their cocks, then the two losers bend over and back onto two of the Foosball table's paddles while the winner turns them inside their assholes.

There's extreme ass play with bottoms taking all kinds of things up their butts including fists, and there's plenty of piss play, too. Snorting sneakers, licking feet, spitting beer, bar room gangbangs, guys being used by bikers or skinheads, others servicing intruders who break into their homes, leather masters fucking their slaves, guys fucking in dirty toilets - it's all here and more. There's a healthy selection of interracial scenes with black men fucking white guys or Spaniards, as well as other black men. The men fuck in warehouses, bars, playrooms, backrooms, dungeons, and of course, home settings. As well, there's a healthy collection of solo jack-off sessions with the guys not only playing with their dicks, but pissing on themselves.

Jalif Studio offers 136 videos, each of which is a full scene from one of 44 Jalif Studio DVDs; you can download the vids in MP4 format and they play at 852x480 and 960x540. There may be other sizes, as well, however I couldn't do an exhaustive check because I had a limited number of tickets. The streaming videos played at 1024x578 and the couple I watched only had one speed, but other movies in the system come in three different speeds - HD, standard, and mobile - so that's a possibility, as well. There is full-screen feature and the video quality really depends on the age of the original production. Most of the videos have a brief description and some category tags like backroom, fist or sling, but they don't often have a cast listing. There aren't any picture galleries here, but the video pages each have six decent-sized pictures (480x360) that give you a preview the action. However these pics are as-is and can't be enlarged.

Jalif Studio is a part of a 19-theater network and you have a couple ways to enjoy the sites. You can purchase an unlimited streaming membership allowing you to watch as much as you want (with no downloads) or you can buy ticket packages ranging from $5 to $50 for 5 to 100 tickets, then redeem them usually 4 or 6 at a time to watch or download the videos. Not all of the 19 theaters allow you to download every movie, but your streaming membership or purchased tickets are honored throughout the whole network

The site has the same amount of videos it had two months ago, so apparently it doesn't update; while the tour promises 15 weekly updates, that pertains to the whole network and without dates can't be confirmed. Studio Presse also claims to have 9,000 videos, but again, that's the whole network and the number is exaggerated as videos appear in more than one theater yet are counted as unique scenes. However while there might not be exactly 9,000 movies, there are several thousand. And if you like Spanish men, there are at least two other theaters for you to visit. Finally, many of the DVDs showing on the site only offer one scene, many offer none, but others have three or four, so it looks as if the site is cherry picking scenes and adding them over time.

There's a lot of dirty action at Jalif Studio, so if you like sucking and fucking with some manhandling, perhaps a fist up a guy's butt, maybe a little piss or an intruder force-feeding the home owner his big dick, you'll like this site. If you like muscle bears, daddies, leather men, and a whole heap of other masculine men, Jalif Studio gives you an eyeful in 136 videos, and while I was disappointed at the lack of updates, there's plenty of foreskin for uncut cock lovers. And it goes without saying that the other 18 theaters have lots of similarly-themed movies and men for you to enjoy.

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