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Jakub Stefano is a sexy hunk with his own brand new site called Jakub Stefano Official where he keeps all of his private pictures and videos. Jakub's a webcam model; in fact, he won Cam Boy of the Year in 2016 at the Adult Web Cam Awards, and he's won five other awards over the past two years. Stefano is a handsome hunk and he's 30 years old. He stands six feet and weighs a rock solid 205 pounds. He's got brown hair, hazel eyes and no tattoos. His cock is eight inches, thick, and uncut and supported by a ample pair of low-hanging nuts. I don't know where Jakub Stefano is from as his About page doesn't mention it, but his live chat profile shows him as living in Los Angeles and the Czech Republic. He does speak English with a sexy accent.

To get a feel for the site, I watched "Man in Suit." It's a 31-minute video that has Jakub slowly stripping out of his suit and showing off his muscular body. It's a long strip tease, and around the 13-minute mark Jakub is naked and showing us his beautiful uncut cock. He's still soft so we get to see his hood completely covering his dick, then he sits back on his couch and plays with himself and gets rock hard very quickly. For the next 15 minutes or so he strokes his hard-on, then he adjusts the camera saying "I'm going to blow all over those abs for you." After a couple of minutes of hard jerking, his cock explodes all over his ripped abs.

In "Dominant Jerk Off with Cum on Socks," Jakub shows his dirtier side. He's shirtless but wearing a pair of shorts and he's putting on a pair of socks that he says are "very stinky." It's a 22-minute video with Jakub talking dirty to us, and he eventually cums all over those smelly socks. Not all of the videos feature Stefano jerking off; one video has him showing off his chest and playing with his nipples, and another video has him posing and flexing in a Spandex shirt and soccer shorts; still another video has him ripping off his shirt.

Jakub Stefano offers 57 exclusive videos in streaming MP4 format; 18 are recorded live shows in their own section; the other 39 are found in Videos. They're offered in three speeds and all display at 920x520, and at average to good amateur for quality homemade videos with sound that are probably shot in the model's home and motels. There's a full-screen option available with good results. The videos played fine on my phone and tablet, although old phones may not support the video size. Downloads are not included in your membership, but most are available to purchase - more about that in a minute.

There are also 16 picture sets featuring 34 to 170 digital stills per set. They're good quality and display at around 634x900. There's a hands-free slideshow available so you can sit back and watch. The pictures can't be saved individually and there's no zip downloads available either, but again, some are available to purchase.

There's a blog where Jakub used to post, although he hasn't added anything new since November of 2017, but it's still worth a look. There's also a way to talk to him on the phone, although no details are there, but if the site says he's available, you can put in your phone number and get a call back. There's a Live Chat link on the navigation bar that takes you to Stefano's channel on a live cam site and you can watch him, along with other viewers, flex and pose for the camera, but seeing him fully nude requires you purchase tokens, and again, this is not included with your monthly membership. On the other hand, when I was visiting the Live Chat site, there were fully nude and mostly nude guys stroking and inserting dildos, so there's lots more action than you usually see in this kind of scenario.

There's no information on the show page about when the live sessions occur, and the current site calendar currently shows updates only from today and before. There's also a store where fans can buy various articles of clothing like a pair of his Spandex shorts he's worn during a workout or a heavily-used pair of basketball shoes. You can also buy a selection of his photos and videos. A teasing video will cost you $25 and a full-on jack-off video is priced at $100. Picture sets range from $12 to $50.

Are there any downsides? Well, the site is quite expensive, especially given what's on offer.  That being said, Jakub added eight videos and one photo set last month, although not at regular intervals, and he added one so far this month (it's the eighth), and hopefully he'll be doing regular live shows, too; it would be great if he could list the dates/times of the future live shows several days in advance so members could plan for them.

Also, joining Jakub Stefano is a bit of a process. First, you select a username and enter your email, then a password is emailed to you. This gets you inside the site so you can see what Stefano has to offer and you'll get to watch preview videos, but you can't see any pictures or watch full-length videos until you sign up for a VIP account, which requires you credit card.

Jakub Stefano is a handsome and personable guy with a fantastic body and a delicious uncut cock. And this exhibitionist likes putting on shows for his fans. Stefano has added eight videos last month, which means there are now 57 videos to stream on your desktop, tablet and phone. He also responds quickly to emails. He's a popular webcam model for a reason, so his fan base is bound to grow quickly.

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