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JackSin Raw is a new bareback site that's popped up and it features homemade porn. The site offers mostly black men and it's subtitled "Amateur Porn Redefined," which isn't really explained but more about that later. The site says that it's "uploading new material rapidly," so let's get inside and see what this site is all about.

As near as I can tell, JackSin is a person, but I can't be sure because there's no bio or profile page. One of the videos says "this top stroked my hole for 2.5 hours," and the bottom does appear in a number of videos, so I'm assuming he's JackSin. If this bottom is JackSin, he's a good-looking, lean black man in his twenties with a shaved head and some face scruff - but that's about all I can tell you. The rest of men are mostly black, but there are a couple of white and Latino butts getting fucked, and most of the guys are in decent shape with athletic or slim bodies, although there were a couple of beefier men, too.

A lot of the action is cock-in-hole close-ups and POV (point of view) filming, so imagine you're fucking a guy while holding the camera and filming simultaneously. In "Popped That Phat Pussy," a beefy top is getting his dick serviced by a cocksucker wearing a tuque - while we see the bottom's face, his hat is pulled down to his eyebrows, so it's not optimal. I only saw the top's face once, and that was from behind and across the room as he fucked ass, so I didn't really get much of a sense of how he looked. And most of the videos are like this; in many you won't see any faces at all, just a big black cock sliding in and out of a bare hole. In "Huge Dick and Cream" we do see the bottom's a face from a stationary camera, and we also see the top holding a cellphone and filming his dick pumping the guy's hole.

There is dick sucking and ass eating, but not in every video. Like I've said, many of the videos feature a good view of the fucking and not much else until the cum starts to fly. Sometimes some hungry cocksucker gobbles it up, sometimes the top creams his bottom's hole and fucks it back inside. And finally, it goes without saying that all the action is bareback.

JackSin Raw seems to have opened in November 2015, and there are 67 full-length videos in the member area. There are no downloads offered, so you'll have to stream the MP4s, and they come in a couple of different sizes - either 640x480 or 640x360. These are amateur productions, so while they have decent picture quality, I didn't find them as crisp as I like. As well, POV filming generally has a lot of camera jostling while the top multi-tasks. There's a full-screen mode, but as these are amateur homemade videos, so there's a a noticeable loss of quality. There are no picture galleries, either, but there's a Quick Flixxx section with 12 small videos shot with cellphones and playing at 324x184. Some of the videos were just as long as the full-length videos, so I'm not sure why JackSin Raw didn't just include them with the others.

The site doesn't have a regular update schedule. The tour says "I have also moved away from one update per week format." Instead, the site prefers uploading videos as they film them, and this can mean multiples during a week. There have been seven videos added to the site in March 2016, and I'm reviewing the site on March 31, and some weeks saw two videos added, but there hasn't been an update for the last ten days of the month.

JackSin Raw has some technical difficulties. For instance, on the video pages the description appears underneath the video player so it can't be read, the controls on player itself aren't showing up so I had to guess that a "play" or "full screen" button existed and click in the blank space. I also found the site a bit sluggish with pages slow to load, and it doesn't appear they're using true streaming servers because I had to wait for videos to fully load before I could jump ahead. Funnily enough, when I watched the videos on my Android tablet the player controls were visible and the videos played fine, although the player did still hide the description.

Finally, who is JackSin? I'd love to know more about him - hell, anything about him - but there's just nothing about him on the site. It's a shame, because real homemade videos are somewhat of a rare thing, so it's nice to see them, and a profile page and way to interact with JackSin would make this a much better site.

JackSin Raw gets a mixed review from me. On the plus side, there's homemade amateur videos featuring big black cocks and bareback fucking. While you'll see some guys in full detail, many others are headless and there's lots of emphasis on cock-in-hole fucking and POV filming. There's a total of 67 streaming videos plus the 12 smaller videos, and there are updates added at random intervals. The site could use a bit of a personality boost, but there's a decent amount of content here for a fairly new site. It's not expensive to join, so visit the tour and see if it's something you'd enjoy.

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