Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Istanboys focuses on Turkish amateurs from guys in their younger twenties, including twinks and jocks, to more mature and muscular 30-year-olds. There's a mix of cute, handsome and average guys, most with darker skin and hair and sexy brown eyes, and many have very exotic and striking looks. Some have trim beards, others are smooth-shaven, and you'll find both smooth-chested and hairy men here. The action here is a mix of solo posing, solo guys stroking their cocks and getting off and some hardcore gay sex, as well.

The Istanboys videos are listed by format, and there are 4 different formats listed with different amounts of videos in each format, the most vids being listed in Win Media - 32 vids - and the least in Quicktime - 25. The videos here are on the small side, being shown at 320x240, and quality isn't too great with a bitrate of around 220k. While they look okay at their original size, these are definitely not videos you'll want to enlarge to full screen. The movies are each offered in several clips with no full scenes available. On the other hand, they're downloadable and don't use DRM.

There are a good amount of non-exclusive and some exclusive photo sets inside Istanboys; there are 155 sets in the Istanboys Photos section and 34 more sets in Miscellaneous for 189 sets total. The pics vary is size from 479x600 to 796x1200. Photo quality varies here, ranging from amateur to good, and some sets being pretty well-lit and others not too well lit. In some galleries, you click a thumb for a bigger pic and click the bigger pic for an even bigger version of that pic. Many of the pics sets are sets that I've seen in other sites with the guys listed with different names and their ethnicity given as Latino or Italian, while others do appear to be Middle Eastern.

Istanboys offers their members a variety of gay feeds including Maximo Latino, one of my favorite Latin sites. And while Maximo Latino doesn't feature Turkish men, there are some very hot jocks to be found. The feeds don't feature any Arabic or Turkish guys, but there are Asian, black and Latin guys. The site also offers links to newsgroups of photos plus offsite tourism and hotel links to Turkey.

Unfortunately this site hasn't updated in some time, so don't expect any new content - what you see is what you get. There's also something to watch out for while you're checking out the videos; the Turkish VOD links leads to pay per view videos outside the site.

What Istanboys has to offer is the fantasy of Turkish men and guys who fit the description - swarthy, dark hair and eyes, and sometimes hairy bodies. Overall I felt let down by Istanboys. For one thing, the vids are small and not high quality. For another, at least some of the guys in the pic sets aren't actually Turkish and not all the sets are exclusive. I wasn't thrilled with the site navigation, which can be confusing and includes pay per view on the menus. And last, as mentioned, the site doesn't add new content. Those who like the guys on the Istanboys tour may find the site worth joining, but I found myself let down by what the site has to offer.

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