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In a gay porn world full of the same old thing, Iron Lockup stands out by offering a ball-tingling look inside Sir Pan's full-equipped dungeon. This site is an exciting addition to the gay fetish sex scene with realistic, creative, and intense play sessions where bound and confined subs experience sensory deprivation, ass fucking with cocks and insertables, CBT, piss play, flogging, and hard SM. I'm excited to get inside and watch Sir Pan in his dungeon, so why don't you join me.

Sir Pan is a kink Dom with 15 years experience; he's a mature man, good looking with a beard, a fit body, and a big cock. The Puppy has been collared to Sir Pan for over five years and he's become a Dom himself. The rest of the men on the site are referred to as prisoners and have numbers instead of names. They're a mix of mostly average-bodied men, but a few are muscular, and some are bearish men with bellies. Most of the subs are masked but seem to range in their twenties to forties.

Sir Pan has many kinky interests including rope and steel bondage, electro stimulation, water sports, impact, CBT, boots, SM, fucking, prisoner of war / interrogation, and humiliation. After watching a number of scenes, I was impressed with the realism. The play scenes felt authentic, unscripted, and not staged, sessions that we voyeurs are being allowed to watch from a safe distance. Real fetish men doing what turns them on. Some of the scenes are action packed with subs enduring a host of nasty activities, others in the solitary confinement and sensory deprivation genres could be considered boring to the average porn seeker, but fetish fans will love them and there's a good mix.

Iron Lockup has two main play areas: a huge wet room equipped with showers, a urine trough, and lockers - Sir Pan rigs up slings or drags in steel tables; there's also a prison cell area with barred cells that can house up to five prisoners for long-term confinement. The subs are usually masked and Sir Pan or The Puppy will play with them. Most of the scenes feature Sir Pan, who is clothed in army-type pants, boots, and a t-shirt. I never saw Sir Pan naked and when he fucks his subs, he simply unzips and hauls out his big cock. And it should be noted that not every scene is about fucking.

After watching a few scenes I thought, "Shit, I want a session with Sir Pan." He's not the typical drill-sergeant-yelling type that we often see in fetish videos. A naked masked sub sits in a wooden chair with feet restrained and his hands cuffed in his lap so he can jack his cock when given permission. Once the sub's dick is rock hard, Sir Pan lifts his boot onto the chair and grinds it against the sub's balls. The slave is whimpering and crying, but his hard-on screams, "I love this!" Sir Pan holds the sub by the chin, looks into his eyes, and talks him through the pain: "Come on, you can do it ... breathe through it ... it's okay." A complete mind fuck: on the one hand, Sir Pan is crushing his sub's balls, but on the other, he gently and lovingly coaxes his sub through the ordeal and transports him to a new level of pain and pleasure.

Don't get me wrong - Sir Pan is a firm Master. When one sub asked him to do something, Sir Pan looked down at the sub and said, "When you ask me to do something, you might want to say please." Sir Pan also hands out a good beating with a flogger or sends a sub writhing in pain with a slap against his balls secured in a stretcher. But I always got the impression that Sir Pan cared about his subs and had respect for them; he wanted them to have a good time, they weren't there just to be used. Very hot.

Iron Lockup offers 240 videos in the members area. These are streaming (no downloads offered) and come in three resolutions. I was happy watching the high and medium versions at 1280x595 or 848x395; the small one at 320x240 was too tiny to enjoy. Most of the videos run 45 minutes and a great many of them are in black and white, which fits with the whole prisoner theme. One video had a couple of prisoners sharing a cell together, each on their own bunk fucking themselves with dildos and jerking their dicks, it felt like I was watching a surveillance video.

There are videos in full color, too, but many of the scenes flip back and forth between black and white and color, and sometimes the videos switch into split screens so you can watch the action from two angles, usually when Sir Pan heads to his locker to get some more gear. I wasn't bothered by any of this, I found the video treatments complimented the theme. The videos can't be downloaded, but they streamed well and I could move backwards and forwards easily. The picture quality is fairly good, but definitely isn't studio quality, which enhances the voyeuristic feel. Mostly I could hear Sir Pan talking to his subs just fine, but other times I found the sound wanting a little and had trouble making out what he was saying.

Iron Lockup doesn't lend itself very well to photo galleries, but there are five small sets of photos that you can view in galleries.

Iron Lockup has dated episodes going back to July 2011, but the site was launched some time later than that. Disappointingly, the site stopped updating in March of 2016, and there's no reason to expect it to start updating again. That's really a shame, because the content here really delivers and is well worth watching.

Sir Pan from Iron Lockup is an experienced Master and it shows. His subs experience all kinds of nastiness: bondage, piss play, breath control, electro stimulation, fisting and ass play with Sir Pan's big dick, batons, and dildos; there's CBT and sounding, flogging, sensory deprivation, and a lot more. Not only did I enjoy the videos, but I felt they were realistic and authentic to the niche, and a few of them had me wanting to know where to volunteer myself for some play time with Sir Pan. I thoroughly enjoyed the video treatments, which had a secretive or voyeuristic feel about them. Despite the lack of updates, the 240 exclusive videos are enough to keep members busy for the duration of the Iron Lockup membership with its very real kink and dungeon play.

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