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In-Charge is a site we discovered that features homemade videos uploaded by a host of amateur men from solos to kink. Many are dominant alpha males who love showing off their bodies or exploring specific kinks like foot worship, master and slave domination and humiliation, and there are ample number of muscle hunks who like showing off their muscles in flex sessions, wrestling, and giving gym advice. Other guys share jerk-off sessions or full-on sex scenes with sucking and fucking (although these aren't quite as numerous). And still others do weird things like cook in the nude or clip their toenails on camera. There are almost 900 videos here, so it's impossible to give a complete overview; why don't you join me and I'll tell you all about this site.

There are currently 112 men on the site, but this can change rapidly as new men join the site and begin uploading their content. Also a seller, as they are called, can stop uploading content whenever he wants, and one didn't have any content at all. There are also 25 women on the site, but I'm going to concentrate of the male sellers; I do want to mention that the site does a pretty good job of keeping the male and female sections separate except on the homepage where there was a mix. The men come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. I saw a slim skinhead and a bearded bear; there are guys with regular bodies and others who are very ripped and muscular; you'll find skaters and gym jocks, regular guys, leather men, masters and daddies.

Let's look at a couple of these men. MrOctavius is a bearded guy who looks to be in his late twenties; he's attractive, and sports a muscular, smooth body. His profile says "Alpha Dominant Master seeking to be worshiped and served by inferiors creatures like you! Join my army of slaves and serve me as you should. Obey to me and you won't be sorry!" He offers a range of foot and muscle worship videos. Uncutjockcub is a guy in his twenties with some face scruff who's got an athletic body. He's a kinky guy offering videos featuring guys worshiping his feet and armpits, even smelling and licking his ass crack, and he's got a video featuring racial domination with a Southern accent. He's got nearly 25 videos and specializes in foot domination and piss play.

But not all the guys are into domination and kink - ItalianMuscle is a good-looking guy with a ripped body who likes flexing and showing it off. RoyMorris is a beefy bodybuilder with huge muscles and tree-trunk thighs who likes posing and flexing, working out, and he's got a shirt ripping video. I saw all kinds of other kinky things, but more vanilla things like arm wrestling, gym advice, a couple of guys jerked off side by side, one guy cooked in the nude, and another even cut his toenails on camera (yes, some people are into that).

You'll find the videos ordered by the date they were uploaded, although the scenes themselves aren't dated. Clicking a scene will give you a bit of detail about it, although not always, and there's usually a short preivew that you can watch. There's also a Sellers section where you can browse an easy listing of all the men on the site. And on the Videos page there's a sidebar with category tags to help you find more kinky stuff like: abuse, arm wrestling, ass play, BBC, barefeet, bodybuilder, cash master, cigarettes, dick sucking, dominance, foot and muscle worship, jockstrap, leather, master and slave, nipple play, piss, sex toys, and dozens more. There's even unusual things like "farting fetish" and "forced to eat dog food." And if you're easily offended you might want to stay out of the sections labeled "faggot."

In-Charge offers 892 exclusive videos, and it's impossible to give you specifics on formats and sizes because I obviously couldn't download every video. However, here are a couple of my experiences. I downloaded a video called "Complete Foot Domination" by Uncutjockcub. It's in MP4 format and plays at 640x480, although it wasn't bad at full screen. The camera is on the floor in front of the bed and Uncutjockcub arrives wearing a hoodie, shorts, and a pair of sandals. He begins with a onslaught of insults, name calling, and dirty talk and looks into the camera and keeps the talk personal as if he's addressing me and I'm begging to worship his feet. From time to time he gives me a glimpse of his bare feet, pushing them in the camera lens. This video cost me $15.00; some videos were less at around $10, but I saw some videos as high as $65, although those pricey ones are rare. Most fall in the $10 to $20 range.

I wanted to check out some actual sex on the site, so I downloaded "Dillon Fucks Theo" by DillonAnderson. The video was 1920x1080 in MP4 format. It opens with a back view of a guy sitting on Dillon's cock and it's quite grainy and dark, then after a minute they swap positions and now Dillon is holding the camera and still filming the guy sitting on his dick. The lighting and picture quality is better from this angle and there's good cock-in-hole close-ups. The last couple minutes of the video has the bottom lying on his stomach with his head buried in a pillow (we never do see his face) and Dillon climbs on top of him and fucks him until he cums, although we never see the cumshot as Dillon blows inside the guy. The whole video was 5:42 and it cost me $10.

The file names of the videos could be problematic when you download them because they are just a series of random letters that will mean nothing to you once you have downloaded a few of them, so you might want to rename them as you save them. The two videos I watched were mobile compatible, although the ones sized at 1920x1080 won't play on most phones, but they will play on a lot of newer tablets and most laptops. You can download the videos through your browser or something called MEGAsync, which is a cloud management tool, and there's another option to import them to your Cloud Drive.

There are 60 photo sets, and like the videos, these are a pay-per-item affair. A set of pictures will run you anywhere from $2 to as much as $40 and can contain any number of pictures. Do check the details before you buy the photo set as one set I looked at cost $15 and contained two pictures, which I find quite expensive. I downloaded one free set that had 60 pictures and they ranged anywhere from 550x667 to 1944x2592, although most were in the smaller range. These are digital stills and they're good quality. I downloaded another set with 28 pictures and it cost $5 these were also digital stills and came in sizes from 480x640 to 1080x1920. One thing worth noting is that the details around numbers of pictures wasn't correct: that free set with only one picture actually had 60 and another set listing 20 pics actually had 28. So buyer beware, I guess.

There's another section where you can purchase single images, and there were over 300 to choose from. Most of these cost a couple of bucks, but others were $10 each. There's also a selection of nearly 100 sound files that you can purchase. Some of the men record audio sessions where they talk dirty to you and fulfill a specific fantasy involving humiliation or a worship fantasy, for example. There wasn't a lot of selection and most of the recordings were offered by the same master, but I expect this section will grow over time.

And then there's the blog. The blog is where you'll find update info, featured models and who the top selling sellers are for each week. The site adds several updates every Sunday, and you'll find nice juicy descriptions for each video, not to mention more info than is supplied about some of the models. The blog is updated three times each week, so is definitely worth checking out, even if you just want to read about the latest updates.

There's a Live Cams section on the site, and while no one was live when I went there, this is where you'll find the models listed and be able to view their profiles. This is also where you can request a specific video from any model, and they have 48 hours to accept your request. Once they do the site admin will give you a price; after you have uploaded the necessary funds to your account the model has five to seven days to make the video. Sounds like fun. And in the next few days, there's going to be a monthly recurring Chat membership where for $7.99 per month you can message any of the models as much as you like. If any are on the site at the time, you'll be able to chat in real-time, too.

I didn't love everything about In-Charge. First, the credits you purchase expire a year after you pay for them. Next, the videos are only dated in the blog; you won't see dates elsewhere on the site. The site is sluggish with clicks for additional pages taking several seconds, and using your browser's back button works sometimes but at other times it gives an error page (this usually happened after I viewed a preview video and a model profile). While there's a forum link, there appears to be no forum at the present time. And I wish the profile pages had more detail about the guys. There's really only the brief couple lines of description he choose to write about himself and only sometimes does it include personal information like age. They all seem to indicate the guy's city and country.

There's a pre-checked email list signup when you sign up for a free account. It does say you can opt out later, so if you're not interested, you can uncheck it, but it also says "This is your only chance to add your email to the mailing list." That's rough, because you might want site news later but not at the time you join. Hopefully in the future they'll add a link in the members area so members can add themselves to and delete themselves from the emailing list whenever they want.

My final gripe is personal and involves the lack of creativity in the humiliation scenes which largely involve these alpha males calling me a faggot. I'm not offended by the word in the scope of a play scene, however the overuse of "faggot" gets tiresome and it's cliche. There are many other ways of humiliating me; for instance, you could call me a cock pig or a cum whore, you could make fun of my big belly or bald head, you can say that I wasn't worthy of licking your feet or call me lazy. One guy did do a scene with racial humiliation where he was addressing "me" as a Southern plantation owner and I was one of his slaves. Not my cup of tea, but I know some men are into this, and I give him marks for creativity.

In-Charge is a great site if you're into fetish play and especially if you're into verbal abuse and humiliation. There are certainly other sites out there showing various kinds of fetish play, but this site is unique in the POV aspect of the filming. Some of the guys are better talkers than others, but overall I felt my place as a submissive. And then there are some solo jerkoffs and gay sex scenes. There's a good selection of guys in the 892 videos, several new videos are added each week, and the site did a good job overall of getting me excited. If you're into verbal and amateur guys, I recommend you check out the tour and look at the guys and their video offerings.

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