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I'm Live is a live cam site that's been around for years. It offers straight, bi, tranny and gay live shows and models, and here we're looking at the gay side of things. These performers are amateurs and the site has all kinds of hot guys. There are muscle studs flexing and posing, slim smooth twink models, you've got your slightly chubby guy next door types, and then regular Joes from down the road. There are even straight models who list themselves in the gay solo section. I also saw some geeky-looking guys, skater boys, lots of muscled men, and one or two older bears. These are a mix of white, some black and some Latino, with European and American models who speak a variety of languages.

You've got a choice of three areas for hooking up online with the male models: Guy Alone (Gay) with 39 guys online when I was there, Guy Alone (Straight) with three logged in, and Guy on Guy where there were 647 couples listed but only four online while I was visiting, which was a 5 a.m. EST on a Thursday.

I chose the Guy Alone (Gay) section. The guys are listed with large pictures arranged in a 4-picture wide grid and continued down the page. Each model had one of two options - Free Video Chat or Live Sex Video Chat. So the Free Video Chat gets you into a chat room where there may be other surfers and the model talks to anyone in the room. The guy is clothed, although usually fairly scantily in underwear or shorts, although some were wearing street clothes. The guys will chat with you so you can find out a bit more about them, but the goal is to get you to go private, which will cost you anywhere from 1.98 to 5.80 credits per minute. Credits cost a buck each and you can buy them in 25, 50, or 100 credit packages, although there's no bonus insensitive to buy the higher packages. It seems that the models set their own rates.

Some of the guy have a Live Sex Video Chat option only, so those models don't offer free chat. If you click on them, you are immediately taken to an area where you can select whether you want to appear on cam and then confirm that you want to start a video chat.

Some of the models have a profile page, which you access by clicking their photo on the main page, but not all of them do and some of those clicks take you right into the free chat area. When there is a profile you can read all about the guy and where he's from, his age, sexuality and position, as well as a selection of turn-ons or turn-offs, and there's usually a gallery of pictures, which may include clothed, nude or semi-nude pics or a mix of those. Back on the homepage there's an image of a camera on each guy's picture and if you mouse over that, it'll tell you how many pictures are in his gallery and allow you to click right into the gallery.

I hit up a good-looking guy named RyanKeatonX. He's 20 and lives in Romania. His English was very good, and he was quite accommodating with my requests. Initially in free chat I asked if I could see his cock in the private session and he said "Let's go for it". Once inside he was shy about showing me his cock until he got it hard, but when I told him I liked seeing soft cocks and foreskin, he whipped it out. Then he got it hard and turned around when I asked to see his ass. I wanted to see his feet, too, and he took his shoes and socks off and put his feet up on the desk. Ryan was a nice guy, very friendly and had a fun smile. I liked him a lot.

The private chat window was sized at 1150x830, and the quality of what you see will depend on the guy's cam and on your connection speed, but overall the quality was pretty good. My connection with Ryan cut out a couple of times, and I had to re-enter the live chat session. Neither of us knew what had happened. Also once I was in a live chat I couldn't see my credits, so I lost track of time and burned through the 25 credits I had. I suppose the system is designed this way so you to buy more credits, but I think users may find this an issue.

The guys have galleries with various numbers of posed shots per model, between three and ten seemed to be the average. Some of these were really good studio style photo shoots with pics up at 600x800 showing the model clothed or in underwear, but I did see the odd cock or cumshot. Navigating the pics was easy, you can save individual images and there were slideshow functions to use. And you can browse pics for the offline models as well as the online models, meaning there's a LOT of profiles and picture sets to view.

I'm Live also offers videos. There were over 2,876 listed in the guy alone (gay) section, and while it says they are free to watch, you have to be a bronze member to view them. There are four levels of "membership", which is actually a rewards program and not a membership, and is based on how many credits you've bought, but the first time you buy credits, you're a bronze member. The site also carries videos of past live shows and other video content, but watching these vids requires payment.

My main issue was with navigation. I was constantly surrounded by the straight female models; every time I went to a new area of the site I would have to re-filter my content to find the guys. It'd be nice if the site was more intuitive. Also some of the features that are available to the straight user are not available for the gay user, it seems.

There were some technical difficulties, as I already mentioned that Ryan and I were disconnected a couple of times. As well, I tried talking to a couple of models who never answered back, but I think the problem is that these guys are working for a number of difference live-chat services simultaneously. When Ryan and I went private he said "Hang on a second while I close the other windows". So it's possible I was lost temporarily in the clutter on their screens.

On the one hand, I'm Live is an award-winning live cam site and well-stocked with models, model profiles and galleries; on the other hand I felt that it was geared more towards the straight user. It'd be nice if the site remembered that I selected gay guys and stopped presenting me with women at every turn. That being said, when I visited there were lots of guys including muscle studs, sexy twinks, average guys, chubs and a variety of others who were anywhere from dressed to almost fully nude. The video quality was generally pretty good, there are some interactive functions, and it's easy enough to use once you get the hang of things. There are some great looking amateur models who are well deserving of our time and money. I'm Live isn't cheap, but it can be a fun way to spend your time, and I know I wouldn't mind a longer, dirtier session with Ryan.

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