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I'm a Married Man has a theme a lot of guys may fantasize about - sex with a married man. While the fantasy involves straight married guys in hardcore gay sex, both of the men in most of the videos are masculine and hunky gay porn stars you've probably seen in action on other sites. Many of the guys are well-built, handsome and horny, and some are quite muscular. Expect firm pecs, six-pack abs and great asses, not to mention hard cocks.

Each episode shows gay friends or co-workers who seduce straight married guys, sucking their cocks and getting head, eating ass and getting fucked. After all, we all know this kind of reality porn isn't always real, but it's still fun. The guys are sexy and hard, and the plots - like two guys watching a football game together or a guy explaining to a buddy about his jealous wife - are just enough to get us to the action, which is pretty hot. The lighting and production values are pretty good, too.

I'm a Married Man offers 68 exclusive videos, but the site no longer updates. Luckily the site is part of a gay porn network, and full members get access to 3 bonus sites, which add 342 more videos. While all of the sites are shot by the same studio and star the same kind of men, none of them seem to update, but there's enough here to keep members busy for a while.

The videos are available in 3 sizes of HD and several other broadband sizes. The largest HD videos are offered in Flash, and are shown at 1920x1080. They are quite large, but I found that they were not as sharp and clear as the "DVD" videos, which are WMVs shown at 850x480 with a bitrate of about 2 Mbps. There's one lower quality broadband WMV, called Normal, and there's also MP4s shown at 768x432 that look pretty good. In addition, there's a version of each video called "On The Go" offered in MP4 that is an edited version so you can watch the high points of the movie in 5 minutes on your iPod, handheld or your computer. All the videos can be downloaded, and there are streaming Flash versions, as well.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are good quality digital stills shown at approximately either 850x569 or 668x1000. They're well-lit with a watermark that doesn't distract from the action. One thing about the pics, however, that distracts from the fantasy, is the posed shots at the beginning of each set. Each photo set comes with around 80 pics and can be downloaded in a zip file.

Let's talk more about the bonus sites. They're part of the same network as I'm a Married Man, and you'll find porn stars including Topher DiMaggio, Jeremy Bilding, Phenix Saint, Girth Brooks and Trevor Knight, to name just a few. Expect sex at the office, guys getting it on with their brothers' buddies and well-built jocks. There are a total of 410 videos in the network, so even though none of the sites update, there's enough videos to make joining for a month or two a good way to save some videos to your porn collection.

The site does have some issues. One is that trial members get only limited access to the features and content. Another is the pre-checked offer on the join page. Also, as already mentioned, neither the site nor the network add new content. And last, there's a link to a forum in the member's area, but when I clicked it, it said the forum was unavailable.

I'm a Married Man gets a mixed review. I like the men and the action, not to mention the 68 downloadable videos. I liked the video quality, particularly the DVD vids. They're big and DRM-free, and some are also pretty long, which is a plus. The performers are porn stars who know their way around a camera and a cock. On the other hand, the site stopped updating while it offered only 68 episodes. Full members do get access to 3 bonus sites featuring some of the same men and types of themes. While I was disappointed about the lack of updates, I liked the straight married man theme that I'm a Married Man has to offer, and although the guys aren't really straight, the fantasy is hot and well-delivered.

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