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Hung Helen is a 24 year old ladyboy who resides in Thailand. She has a beautiful petite body and an 8" inch uncut cock that she enjoys playing with in front of the camera. She's a petite gal, so that cock of hers looks very big on her. Her breasts are a nice size, which seems to be more than a handful. She's got some pubes, but keeps them neatly trimmed to keep the emphasis on just how big her shaft is. One of the hottest things about Helen is just how beautiful her face is. Have a good look at her face and see just how aesthetic she is, you could get lost in her eyes. Every video and picture I've seen of her always shows Helen with beautiful makeup on and her hair done up nicely. She wears nice clothes, shoes and accessories, keeping her very hot at all times.

When you watch Helen in action, you're going to see a common theme among most of her videos. The action shows her only in solo situations. There are no other parties involved, just Helen and her 8 inch slab of shemale meat. You'll be seeing her perform a variety of acts in her scenes. Typically, you'll see her showing off her body, fucking herself in the ass with toys, sucking dildos and about half the time ending the scene jerking herself off, half the time ending with a cumshot. Scenes at Hung Helen seem to occur around the house in her bathroom, bedroom and office.

Hung Helen is a small site, offering 7 exclusive videos. The site has no update dates on it, so it's hard to tell if it's actually updating or not. Using my other sources of information, it looks as if the site hasn't updated in some time even though it shows a "next update" in the queue. Videos are DRM-free, and are offered for download in WMV format at 1280x720. There's also a smaller streaming Flash version that plays back in a player. Videos are good amateur quality, however when the streaming videos are enlarged to full screen you can expect a loss of quality.

There's one more set of photos than there are videos, which means thare are 8 sets total. Photos reach a maximum resolution of 683x1024. You can browse each set, giving you over 100 photos per set, which can be downloaded in a zip file.

After you've been a member for 30 days, allows you to add a bonus site to your membership from one of the other sites in the network, but there are no bonuses till after your first month.

The more serious concerns I have with this site is that it appears to not be updating which makes the low video count the site has even less desirable. As mentioned, there aren't always cumshots near the end of the scenes. Also it would be nice to see Helen get involved with other women, trannies or men in the scenes for some variety, but I do understand that this site is a solo site - still, more locations would add some variety. Last, since there's such a low video count, you're going to get through all Hung Helen has to offer long before 30 days when you're allowed to add a bonus site - offering bonus sites without the restriction would give members enough to keep them busy.

Hung Helen herself is a very sexy Thai ladyboy with a nice sized dick, and she really knows how to put on a show for the camera, however I wasn't as impressed with what her site had to offer. Sure, the 7 scenes and 8 photo galleries included were hot, but in the end I felt let down. Don't get me wrong, Helen is smoking hot, lots of fun to watch and the content is well done, but there's the lack of updates that will turn a lot of members off, because they can run through the content fairly quickly. And that's too bad, because Helen herself is well worth watching.

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