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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks puts the focus on hot sweaty sex in the gym or between guys who've just worked out. The men here are nicely muscled hunks and gay porn stars including men like Dallas Reeves, Christian Wilde, Trevor Knight and Topher DiMaggio. While not all the performers have great bodies, a lot are well-built and obviously really do spend time at the gym. Some are athletic jocks - the type you might find in college. There are men with smooth chests, although some are hairy, and you can expect guys sporting great pecs and some tattoos.

The action here includes two guys wrestling where the winner really does take all, a couple men fucking after a long bike ride and a boxing match that turns into a blowjob and fuck. There's also a couple team members servicing Coach Diesel Washington in a hot interracial threeway, a couple jocks fucking in the locker room shower and a wrestling team tryout that end in a hot threesome. The sex here is well-caught, production values are pretty good, and there's plenty of big dicks sucked in locker rooms, gyms and the showers.

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks offers 102 exclusive videos, but the most recent update was in July, 2013. The newer videos are good amateur quality or better, and are available in MP4 (1920x1080 plus 2 smaller sizes), WMV (720x480 plus 1 smaller size) and QuickTime, and the smaller MP4s are great for mobiles. There's also a specially edited version for mobile users, as well as streaming versions of the vids available. Older videos aren't all available in HD, but most are, although the older videos aren't quite as sharp and clear as the newer ones. All videos are DRM-free, and the WMVs and QuickTime vids are available as clips as well as full scenes.

Each video comes with at least one set of pics; these are fairly good quality digital stills sized at 527x800 to 641x850 - some of the older episodes also come with a set of screencaps. Both digital stills and screencaps can be browsed as thumbnail galleries or downloaded in zip files.

Full members of Hot Jocks Nice Cocks get access to 3 more sites in the Suite 703 network - My Brother's Hot Friend, Men Hard at Work and I'm a Married Man. As you can see, each site focuses on a particular fantasy, but none of the sites update any longer. A cool thing is that the sites share a lot of the models, so not only are they using the same type of men - often hunky porn stars - but in some cases they're actually the same performers. The site also offers members a cell phone section - you'll find the iPhone Porn link near the bottom of the pages.

Let's talk about issues. First, and most important, is that the site no longer adds new content. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that if left checked will sign you up for a second member site when you join. Trial members get only limited access to the site's content. And while there's a link to the forum, it no longer seems to work.

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks delivers what you'd expect from the tour - porn stars, hunks and jocks in sports and gym-themed scenarios. The sex includes sucking, ball licking and ass fucking in locker rooms, showers or after hot, sweaty workouts and full members get access to three more exclusive sites in the same network. The main downside is the lack of updates and the limited trials. I wish the site had continued to update, as I really loved watching the Hot Jocks Nice Cocks scenes featuring porn stars in action in plots including wrestling, boxing and more sports, all leading to sweaty fucking and sucking.

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