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In ancient times the Greeks practiced the sport of "pále" or, as well call it today, wrestling. It was done in the nude by athletes of all ages at the "palaestras" which were buildings put up specifically for the sport. It was a big thing. So, were the ancient Greeks really after a good workout, or were they just out for the glorious sight of two fit guys, hot and sweaty, grappling with each other naked, each trying to throw the other onto to his back in order to win? Who knows? (I suspect a bit of both.) At Hot Guys Wrestling they set out to emulate the same thing: two guys pitted against each other in a bout of Greek-style wrestling with a little bit of jizz thrown in at the end for good measure.

The guys at the site, however, are not your classic Greek athletes, Greek Gods or Greek anything. They are a range of East European twinks from 18 to 23 years old, slim, smooth, uncut and amateur. They are also amateur wrestlers, by the looks of it. There are a few gym-toned guys in here, too, some jocks and some average-looking models who probably only ever made one movie. Others are more your classic Euro-twink with bushy pubes, or shaved in a few cases, slim hips, pale skin, and tight buns. All but a few of them are slender and healthy looking, and some look like they regularly work out.

There's a lot of wrestling here, of course, but there are also some solo scenes. Most of the time the videos cover two guys naked on the mats or in a field; they bow, they grapple, they genuinely wrestle to see who can win, and there are no staged bouts. The wrestling continues until there is a definite win. You get the rather hot sight of flaccid cocks flopping about, hands grabbing where they can grab, and smooth twinks rolling around face-to-flesh. At the end of some of these scenes the winner may fuck the loser's ass, or the guys may sit on the mat beside each other and jerk off until they cum. The solo sessions feature guys in the gym going through a workout and following it with a jerk off session before cumming on the equipment. You will also find some "health and efficiency" style videos with fit and healthy guys outside, sometimes in groups, naked, and going through their exercise routine down by the lake, followed by a masturbation session.

Hot Guys Wrestling offers 61 video updates; some are full scenes, others are part of a scene. The videos are DRM-free WMVs sized at about 680x384; quality is pretty good amateur, but the videos are small so expect a loss of quality if you enlarge the vids to full screen. The camerawork though ensures that you get in close to the action in the wresting scenes. Sound is so-so, and it's hard to hear the guys talking, not that they do much of it. The clips are offered for download with no streaming of mobile versions available. The movies are exclusive to the site.

The site also offers 66 photo sets with between 100 and 200 pics each. Image sets open in a new tab where browsing is by way of opening one image at a time, downloading it, or viewing it online, closing it, and then opening another. No slideshows or zip files are offered. Images go up to a full size of 1296x864. These are good amateur quality images, with some flash issues at times, but they are generally clear and sharp. Like the videos, the galleries are a mix of solo guys working out or practicing yoga, and duo guys wrestling.

The first issue I want to mention is that there are no update dates published or updates news. Checking older reviews of this site, I found that they have added only a few movies since 2007, so I wouldn't expect any updates. This is a very basic member area that carries only the videos and galleries; there are no bonuses at the site and no interactive options. There is no model index and no information about the guys nor are scene descriptions. The tour does make mention of "High quality videos" and "High resolution photos," but I shouldn't read too much into that - the quality is okay, but it is nothing special.

What is special about Hot Guys Wresting is that you get very natural twinks in very natural surroundings, some who clearly work out more than others, some cute uncut East European amateurs and videos and pics that are easy to save. Okay, so it's not dazzling quality, the design is threadbare to say the least, there's no information and probably no updates, but it's an interesting collection. The best parts for me were the natural wresting bouts; the jerk-offs are a bit lame at times, but the fit guys naked in the gym - well, that's another fantasy entirely. You might not work up much of a sweat with this wrestling site and you won't have to grapple with it for long. But some of its content will suit avid collectors of pále porn or anyone who wants to see Euro twinks wrestling.

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