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Today we're visiting Hot Foot Action, which stars Daddy Mugs and some of his favorite twinks and college-age amateurs from 18 to around 26. If you're familiar with Daddy Mugs, you already know the kind of guys he likes - regular boy-next-door types from slender to average to jocks. There are some real cuties here, as well as some who are on the scruffy side, and you'll find plenty of everyday, average regular guys. Most are slender and smooth - some quite slender - but there are also a couple guys with hairy chests and a few who are a bit beefier, either a little more muscular or average in build. Some of the boys have tattoos, a couple lots of them, and there's a nice variety of cock sizes.

The action includes Daddy giving foot massages and worshiping bare twink feet, and he seems to love those feet and toes, his tongue bathing them eagerly. A couple episodes include bondage, some include tender soles being tickled, and sometimes Daddy Mugs may jerk of suck his buddies, shove his cock between those two feet or blow his load on bare toes. There are also some solo shoots where the guy strips off his shoes, shows off his feet, and in a few episodes, the more flexible guys suck their own toes. Some of them get naked, grab their cocks and jerk off, too.

Hot Foot Action offers 83 exclusive videos. The newer ones are good amateur quality, and they're offered in WMV format at 1440x1088 and in M4V format at 638x480 for mobiles. The older videos are amateur quality, and the WMVs are sized at 640x480, although there are black bars above and below the videos, making the actual video 640x360. The older videos are also offered in MP4 format at 1280x720 and there are also small (352x288) M4Vs for mobiles. Each video is also available to stream. It's worth mentioning that while each video lists a QuickTime versions, these are actually either MP4s or M4Vs, depending on the age of the videos, and the newer QuickTime and iPhone vids actually link to the same vid.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. These are digital stills sized at 600x900 or vise versa, most at good amateur quality, and while some pics are all horizontal, they still do appear to be digital stills rather than screencaps. Some shoots are shot in somewhat dim rooms, and these pics can be somewhat grainy. Each set can be downloaded in a zip file or photos can be individually downloaded. While there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic easily.

Now let's address some of the site's negatives. First off, it stopped updating some time ago. Next, download speeds are slow - below 1 Mbps - which is quite unusual these days. Some of the newest WMVs are large files, a gig or more each, and as a result, they can take quite a while to download - sometimes the speeds get even slower, so while I'm on a super-fast connection, it took me over 15 minutes to to download one of the new WMVs and almost an hour for another. By the way, they're encoded at 10 Mbps, which is why the files are so large, and there's no reason for this. Regarding the videos, some of the older videos' quality could use some work, and I was unable to fast-forward the streaming videos till they had fully loaded. Also, while there's blog link on the tour, there's no actual blog there - just a notice saying it's coming soon (hint: it isn't).

Hot Foot Action definitely delivers foot action, daddy/twink foot play, handjobs, and cummy feet, as well as solo amateur guys playing with their feet, stroking their cocks and getting off. There are 83 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on most mobiles, and while the site no longer updates, there's enough here to keep you busy for a month. Every video features the models' feet, and there's plenty of masturbation and foot worship from Daddy Mugs. The content isn't polished and perfect - it's got that amateur feel without major lighting and camera issues. I liked the content and those all-American 18- to 26-year-old amateurs, and despite any issues, Daddy Mugs is obviously truly passionate about his guys' feet and I like the homemade feel at Hot Foot Action.

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