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Back in its heyday, Hot Desert Knights was a renegade studio that broke the rules and filmed men fucking without condoms. The mere mention of the studio's name could incite heated discussions and shouting matches among bareback and safer-sex proponents. Throw in extreme ass play like fisting, watersports, as well as huge gangbangs and Hot Desert Knights garnered legions of fans who liked watching men play on the edge. It's been a while since we last visited the site, so we're due for a visit.

Hot Desert Knights started off filming hairy men, daddies, leather men, and mature men often into their forties, as well as some muscle jocks or guys with athletic bodies. They weren't always good looking, but they loved sex and loved fucking raw even more. Matt Sizemore, Steve Parker, Ben Archer, Jeff Allen, Steve Hurley TitPig, and Will West all got their start with HDK. Then at some point - I don't remember exactly when (the mid-aughts, I believe), HDK started filming in Europe, so you'll also find younger European guys in their early to mid-twenties. They were generally slim and smooth, but many had nice definition and some were muscular and most had uncut dicks.

To say that the sex on Hot Desert Knights is raunchy is an understatement. The men in their classic productions gulp dicks in duos, threeways, and good-sized dungeon and hotel-room gangbangs; they fuck without condoms, and the bottoms take cum loads on their asses, in their mouths, or all over their bodies, although I didn't see very many facials. While there are a lot of leather men here and even dungeons, there's not really much BDSM - just lots of dirty talk and tops using bottoms for their pleasure. You'll also find lots of dildo fucking, fisting, and some piss play. The European productions are raw, although they're not as extreme.

There are 509 videos inside Hot Desert Knights offered for download in WMV format and also in streaming Flash. The downloads are sized at 640x480, and many are decent to good amateur quality at their original size, although the quality definitely isn't the best as you go further back in the catalog. The streaming videos are sized about the same, although sometimes a bit more widescreen. Whether you're streaming the videos or watching some you've downloaded, when enlarging to full screen you can expect some loss of quality; some videos hold up better than others. By the way, the streaming videos wouldn't fast forward for me until they were fully loaded; when I'd pull the slider forward, the videos would start over at the beginning.

There are 1,124 picture sets as well. The pictures are digital stills that display at around 800x1200. They're a mix of model shoots and action pics, and quality varies from average to good. You can view them in thumbnail galleries and the enlarged images appears in a pop-up window with forward and back buttons; you can also view them as hands-free slideshows. There's no downloadable zip files, but I was able to save individual pictures by right-clicking on a thumb and saving the link as. Be aware that the pics all have the same name though, so if you do want to save more than one, you'll want to rename each photo as you save it.

Before we go further, let's talk about updates. The site adds two videos per week, one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays, but while it appears that some of these updates are old releases arriving on the site for the first time, other updates are recycled. There are 33 more videos than there were just over a year ago while two updates per week should mean 104 more vids. Also we've been reviewing this site for over ten years, yet the oldest updates are listed as having been added in 2011. Still, if you haven't been a member before or want to download the videos, there's enough here to keep you busy for quite a while.

Hot Desert Knight members get access to the videos from nine feeds listed on a single long page. These include several offering bareback sex like Treasure Island, Ricky Raunch, Dirty Dawg, Cocksure Men, and Jake Cruise, and curiously, the Hot Desert Knights BARE plugin. There's also the feed version of Falcon, Fetish Force, and Cyberbears.

It's time to discuss the issues. When we last visited a year ago, the videos were available in MP4 for mobiles and Macs. The tour still offers mobile and Mac-friendly vids, but they seem to have been removed; the downloads are offered in a single size of WMV and the streaming versions are offered only in Flash. While the site updates every day except weekends with something, more updates are picture galleries with videos twice a week; as I already mentioned, however, these are not usually new productions and some are being recycled. As mentioned, you can't jump ahead while watching the streaming videos till they're fully loaded, which I found frustrating. And the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more than the recurring version.

There's one last thing I wanted to bring up. While Hot Desert Knights does have a model index, the actual model pages were disappointing. There is a short profile for each guy, but there's no picture and no additional information; just a big empty page with a little profile and a large placeholder image. There are also tabs to find the performer's videos and pic sets, as well as a "Q AND A" tab that leads to an empty page.

Hot Desert Knights used to be one of my favorite studios back in the day, but while there are lots of the classic HDK stars and action, the site itself just isn't keeping up with the times. The MP4s that were there on our last visit are gone, so mobile users are left out. The newer productions should be offered at a bigger size, the streaming vids aren't true streaming so can't be fast forwarded. While the site shows dates indicating they add two videos per week, there are only 33 more vids than there were a year ago. The empty model pages were also a disappointment. On the positive side, HDK does offer over 500 downloadable videos, and I definitely enjoy seeing the horny masculine men I remember from years back, but I was disappointed that Hot Desert Knights has been on a production diet as there were few truly new releases.

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