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Horny Model Boys is produced by amateur videographer Chris Geary who has been filming for 12 years, and in this site he brings us hot muscle boys. His eye candy approach to gay porn features lots of naked men with beautiful bodies showing off in underwear, swimwear and fully nude, and doing everything from horsing around naked on the beach to working out or wrestling in the nude, plus lots of jacking off.

The site features mostly British men in their twenties with fit, well-defined bodies, athletic guys who are hard and pumped, a few with bodybuilding competition bodies. Some are average looking, some are cute and others are handsome. You'll see many of the guys appearing in multiple episodes, but new guys are constantly introduced, so there's always a nice mix new models and old favorites. I did recognized some guys from other gay porn sites, but most were amateurs, fitness trainers, exotic dancers and strippers who aren't porn site regulars. The majority of the guys are straight, but the audition sessions reveal that quite a few are gay or bisexual.

The best way to explain Horny Model Boys is like this: Imagine walking into your local gym, picking five hot guys and taking them into a private room or out to the beach; then get the guys to pump and pose, run on the beach, swim naked in the pool, horse around or wrestle nude, get them doing whatever athletic activities you can dream up, then when they're pumped with testosterone and sweaty, you get them to jack off side by side. Horny Model Boys is more of an erotic site where we get to see sexy guys doing all kinds of non-sexual things, but watching them is still quite a turn-on, and while there's next to no sucking and fucking, there's plenty of cock stroking.

One video called Swim Team had four hunky guys standing by a pool in their sweat pants; they strip down to their swim suits and dive in the pool and do laps and have races. Then they strip naked and swim some more, they do push-ups in the nude - next they danced naked with swiveling hips that had their soft and stiffening cocks flopping from side to side. And finally, they sit with their legs dangling in the pool, stroke their cocks and shoot their loads.

You'll find audition videos where new guys are introduced to the site, talk about themselves, get their dicks hard and have them measured, and jack off. There's a medical series where the guys are examined by a doctor, who takes their height, weight, and blood pressure; checks their reflexes and asks lots of questions; then the doctor gets more intimate examining their balls, checking their stiffening dicks for erection issues, he rubs his hands all over their bodies, massages and fingers their bums, and finally he gets the guys to jack off so he can check their ejaculation and cum volume for any issues. These are realistic exams, not the "Hello, I'm the doctor, oh look my cock is in your ass" kind of affairs.

Finally, if you like watching groups of guys jacking off, there's a lot of that here. Whether the guys start off running, swimming, wrestling, playing nude leap frog or having a naked tug of war, the episode usually ends with them getting off together. But these aren't sessions with the guys urging each other on or talking dirty - in fact, quite the opposite: the guys are generally focusing on the task at hand and avoid looking at each other. But there's a definite "I don't want anyone thinking this turns me on" vibe, which itself is a turn-on. And these group jack-offs can be kind of funny because as the guys start popping their loads, the spent guys are sitting there trying not to focus on the ones needing to finish, but not really knowing what to do with a hand full of cum and sometimes they're smirking or have this "Dude, are you ever going to cum" look on their faces. It's kind of weird, but hot stuff, too.

Horny Model Boys is one of those old-style sites with lots of video options (too many, really). The newest 111 videos are downloadable WMVs in three different sizes: 352x198, 720x404, and 1280x720. You can stream the videos at three speeds each in Silverlight Stream, Flash, and the smart phone versions are QuickTimes that can also only be streamed. The quality ranges from poor to good, depending on the age of the videos. The oldest 84 videos range in size from 600x480 to a very puny 160x110, too small to bother watching. These also tended to be clips and only came in WMV, MPG or Real formats.

Most of the episodes have picture galleries featuring screencaps, digital stills or both. The newest videos have large pictures displaying at 1030x580; older galleries have too many different picture sizes to detail, some medium-sized, others very small. You can view these online in thumbnail galleries and they had anywhere from 100 to several hundred pictures; there were no hands-free slideshows or downloadable zips. The photos display in a viewer and can only be saved by right-clicking and opening them in a new window, then right-clicking and saving them - it's quite laborious, but can be done.

Horny Model Boys has a 5 gig viewing and download limit every 24 hours. The only other major issue I had was the myriad video formats, which wasn't consistent across all episodes. I have no idea how often the site updates because the episodes aren't dated. But the newest page featured 11 videos and one of those was a Christmas video, and since I'm reviewing the site in August, that isn't a great update record - less than one update a month - but if you're joining this site for the first time, there's plenty for you to see for duration of your monthly membership.

If you're looking for hardcore gay sex, Horny Model Boys isn't for you. But if you like watching muscular guys horsing around, exercising in underwear and nude, wrestling, and jacking off solo and in groups, I think you'll be pretty turned on by the offering here. Like I said, imagine guys doing everything you can think of in the nude (except having sex), then jacking their dicks. There are a lot of really hot men here with spectacular bodies, but at the same time they're not so overdone that you want to say, "Dude, take a day off from the gym". And I loved that almost every guy is uncut. A final note, while most of the guys are straight, they're very comfortable being nude around each other, horsing around, and jacking off together, even the awkward post-cumshots are titillating, and that made for some very horny shows.

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