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Homopunk is one of those sites that doesn't slot neatly into any one genre, and that's a good thing, if you ask me. There's a totally creative approach to the videos and the site design, and you're going to get an experience that you won't find on many other sites. For a start, the guys who appear here are mainly French, dark and hairy with uncut cocks; some of them très grand in size, others have heavy nuts, and all of them have a certain quelque chose. There's a goodly amount of nicely built slender to athletic guys here, and smooth guys appear on the same pages, mostly twinks with full, pouting lips; click to the next page and you find some street-wise and rougher looking punk guys, some twinks from Berlin, and then we're back to studly older guys. But I wouldn't put anyone here older than, say, 32; this is mainly a young-guns site.

The next thing that makes Homopunk different from most other solo and amateur sites we've seen is the way the guys are presented. They are not simply interviewed and left to get on with a strip and jerk. Some do chat to the camera or the guy behind it, before, during, and after a jerk-off session, others simply pose, some videos were lacking sound (only one or two), and others were all music. Some videos are what you might call "travels around the model" with the camera filming all sides of him, while in others they are filmed hanging out, messing around, dressing up, and being themselves at home or in some out and about locations.

The guys here are not afraid to experiment as they dress in lingerie, stripey tights, posing pouches, crash helmets with a g-string, bunny ears while wearing a tutu or cuddling a huge ice cream cone; you'll find guys in top hats and tails or simply posing like a jeans advert, topless. They do get down to showing off their hairy dicks and asses, too, and there is a certain amount of cock play and jerking, with some cumshots shown and repeated in slow motion, and there are guys pissing, but this is not your standard gay porn.

As well as having some alternative guys, the site itself is pretty alternative; even the navigation is amusingly unusual. You log in and find a set of 160 small thumbnails at the top of each index page. This is not exactly a model index, but it is a way to clicking to a guy's content without having to scroll the massive 120-plus entries on the first index page. The index pages do have images and some limited text to also direct you to the content for each guy appearing - but there is no top menu, no pics or videos areas, etc. Some indexed videos have notes or names, others are simply the title of the movie. However, navigating back to the index pages works fine, with each page having a home or back button on it and, in true Homopunk style, these take the form of a bouncing heart or an excited rabbit graphic.

Homopunk has 161 videos that are shown in a variety of ways and again, things are not standard. There is a message on the site to say you will need QuickTime 7 installed (plus a link to where you can find it), but I also found WMV and MP4 files sized at 768x578. There were Flash streams for some movies at 480x360 and others that were at an unusual 1000x750 in size, and other sizes may well be in use too; there is no uniform presentation here. Some videos stream, some don't, but all the vids are downloadable with no DRM and the files were not huge. Each downloadable video comes packed in a zip file, which is unusual, and you must unpack them before you can play them, but I had no trouble doing this.

Some of the videos have galleries with them, kind of. Some galleries are shown in a film-reel of thumbnails with the selected image opening at to 473x625 or above; some sets are only available as zip file downloads; others are presented in "Slide-o-rama" and come with an almost instant slideshow presentation. Some pic sets have a variety of viewing options. The quality is fine, it's a decent amateur standard like the videos.

Homopunk is a unique set up and reasonable quality and you've probably never seen anything quite like it before. But are there are any extras or issues? There's one. While the site has grown by around 60 videos/galleries since we last saw it in 2012, it appears that updates stopped in 2013 as one of the more recent updates is shown on the blog, which IS dated, and shows it stopped updating in 2013. Otherwise there are some minor things worth mentioning. There are no bonuses, no information about the guys and no model index. The Casting section and blog have not updated since 2013. The quality of the movies is varied but always within an acceptable range. We are not looking at studio quality porn here, but amateur, enthusiast-made with music overlaying many of the videos and only basic direction. But what's behind it all, the expression and the creativity, makes for some very special videos.

So what's the overall impression of Homopunk? Well, it's not as punk as first thought it would be (don't think safety pins and spiked hair - think bunny ears and artsy Frenchmen), but it is alternative. It gives the gay porn world a little bit of anarchy to contend with in the way it presents content while offering a good range of amateur models. The guys are hot and varied, though there are many who are hairy in the Ooh-la-la area, they are alternative in looks and dress accordingly. You'll find solo jerk off scenes, a few piss scenes and some that are simply odd - like a line of guys doing the can-can or an athletic guy standing on his head, spreading his legs and showing off his sneakers. We're not so up-beat about the lack of updates but we're pretty pleased to see a hot gay site that is un peu de bazar and gets away with it.

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