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Let me take you on a tour of Homoactive, the largest gay online shop in Europe, which brings its worldwide customers a big selection of DVDs, downloads, underwear, toys, lube and more. And unlike going to the mall, you don't have to wear pants.

I've always wanted to be a host on the Food Network, leading people on tours of eateries around the globe. Creating a sensory experience through the screen as I describe in detail Uzbekistan's finest vegan porridge. Note to future self: invent the new adjective porridgy. For now, I'll take you on a guided tour of Homoactive. The most appropriate sensory experience would be a double orgasm, combining the gay shopper orgasm you get from a sale with the gay shopper orgasm you get from seeing naked guys.

First up, selection and navigation, which on a retail site go hand-in-hand. While the site has been online for over 14 years, its downloads and underwear offerings are a relatively new, but welcome offering. Downloads are so important to shoppers nowadays and will only become more so. Fast forward to 2027: "What's a DVD?"

Homoactive carries major studios such as Bel Ami, Staxus, Lucas, Helix, Falcon, Dark Alley, Channel 1, UKNM and loads more. As in, really really really loads more. As in a massive amount of porn that will bury you in cock. If you have a budget for that. Thankfully, there's a permanent sales section with up to 50% off select titles. And a section called Bestsellers which is fun to browse.

All items on the site are in stock, which is nice when you have your heart set on the Ikarus title When Dreams Cum True.

There is a robust amount of downloads in categories such as Bareback, Big Dicks, and Group Sex. Some downloads are available in both normal and HD options, with different prices. All DVDs and Downloads are marked with various icons, and have descriptions and specs, so you're always clear what you're getting. Some have galleries. Homoactive definitely wants you to be happy with your choices.

The underwear section is handy for an all-in-one shopping experience, though the brand option list is fairly short and the prices average for those brands. Rampants.com, previously reviewed on GayDemon, is in the Homoactive family of sites, and has a somewhat wider selection of underwear brands.

Homoactive has a good sized selection of sex toys, from cock rings and chastity devices to prostate massagers and paddles. Some of the products lack detailed descriptions, so ask customer support anything you need to know before you buy.

The lube section is broken down into water based, silicone based, fisting and condoms. At present, there are no condoms for sale on the site, so that section should be removed or, better yet, filled out with rubbers. Now, here's where I found a gem. The fisting section has one product, a 16 oz. container of Crisco for the strange price of $37.49. That's around four times the price at the grocery store, so clearly a joke. As for the water based and silicone based, the selection isn't huge, but will get the job done. (Confidential to Homoactive writers: it's silicone, not silicon. Silicon's an element on the periodic table. Silicone is for your asshole and cock and bicycle chain.)

Navigation is impressively clean, with handy main sections, sidebar options and sorting, as well as tags. There's a keyword search, plus an advanced search. And there's a link to a support site on the top right of every page. It's just very easy to get around the site, add items to your cart, edit your cart, and move through to check out.

The site is localized for the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, United States and the rest of the European Union (with pricing in pounds, euros and dollars). There's a country switcher on the top right of the site. And the site offers free worldwide shipping via UPS, with no minimum order.

Homoactive has a variety of discounts, sales and other deals going on throughout each week, including free DVD and download weekends. I recommend signing up for the newsletter to stay in the know and to make sure you understand all details of any offers. There is also a system where everything you buy rewards you with a certain number of bonus points you can redeem for free products later. Remember, it's up to you to be a savvy shopper and use those math skills. If you're on this site, you may be shopping with your dick, so I hope your dick can do math. Remember, your dick is that thing you need so you can count to 21. (When you run out of fingers and toes.)

Overall, the navigation, shopping experience, site feel and customer service are solid. With Homoactive, you don't just get to buy porn DVDs and downloads, but also your own gear, including sex toys, underwear and lube. That way, you can have your own porny experience at home where you and that hunky guy next door are the stars, camera optional.

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