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Real Male Amateurs is the male section of a huge amateur site called Homemade Junk. This site was launched in 2006 and has been collecting amateur photos and videos ever since. The site owners describe their site as a boyfriend and husband site, which means the content here is true homemade amateur content.

They say there are are all kinds of men inside, from twenty-something year olds to mature men and from hot and hung guys to very average looking guys. The majority of them are Caucasians, and most of the time you won't even see their faces because most photos and videos are body-only or cock shots. You will find small cocks, big cocks, cut cocks, uncut cocks, perfect cocks, odd-shaped cocks and really everything in between. While there are straight couples I didn't find any male couples, so you shouldn't expect any hardcore action. It's basically guys jacking off or showing of their cocks and naked bodies. Well, sort of.

Homemade Junk updates on a daily basis, but while the video section contains 573 short clips, only a very small part of the total - probably twenty or less - are videos featuring males. There is no way to filter the videos, and thus you need to browse through the entire collection of mostly straight videos to find the male ones. The videos are offered at between a small size of 320x240 or 640x480 and are available in a single format, which is either WMV or AVI. The videos are of poor to amateur quality and they are often grainy. You will have to download the videos to watch them, as there are no streaming versions available. The videos are not protected by DRM and you can download multiple files at the same time.

The image galleries on this site have been divided into categories. Besides lots of straight and transsexual sections, there is a "males" section as well as a "gay" and a "fetish male" section. There are 339 galleries in male, 35 in male fetish and 10 in gay, for a total of 384 galleries. Each gallery offers 30 images, most non-series. Most images display at a size of either 320x240 or 640x480 and they are okay quality screencaps. You can navigate through the pictures by hand or use the hands-free slideshow tool. Downloadable zip files are not offered, but you can save individual photos to your computer. New pics have been added to the male section thrice in the last month, but whether an entire gallery was added or a single pic there's no way to know.

While there are no male or gay extras, members do get access to 5 straight bonus sites from the same network.

Let's talk about issues. While Homemade Junk targets a gay audience with their Real Male Amateurs tour, only a small part of what the site offers features solo or gay men, and in reality Real Male Amateurs is only a tour, not a site. There's no way to search the video section in order to find only the male videos, which means you must browse hundreds of straight porn videos to find a handful of male vids. Many of the images and especially the videos are of poor to amateur quality and could really use some work. Since the site only offers WMV and AVI files, the videos aren't mobile compatible. And the join offer is misleading - the tour offers a free 7 day membership, but it turns out that they offer a 37, 67 or 97 day membership, which means the seven free days are tacked on to a regular paid membership - there is no actual 7 day trial.

If you like amateur dick photos, Real Male Amateurs has a nice collection of boyfriend and husband pics plus a few video clips. Unfortunately, you have to browse through the whole site, which offers tons more straight than gay content, so if you're bisexual, this site has a much greater value than it would have for those who are only looking for guys. There are 20 or less 20 male videos but there are 384 male/gay galleries, about half of which are small and poor or average amateur quality - the rest are sized at 640x480. Of course, it's fun checking out other guys' cocks - especially since they come in all shapes and sizes - but overall I am not very impressed as Real Male Amateurs isn't an actual standalone site but rather a small part of a straight site called Homemade Junk.

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