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Hey Little Dick proves that there's a kind of porn for everything imaginable - yes, even women making fun of men with small cocks. I have reviewed a couple of sites now in the women-humiliating-men niche, but this one has definitely been the most unique.

Even though Hey Little Dick is all about men with meager equipment, the men themselves are almost inconsequential. They aren't even named in the scene descriptions. And you'll find a wide variety including slender men, some with athletic bodies and others with average bodies, all the way up to heavy men with big bellies. They seem to range from their twenties to forties, but I saw a few older than that. There are a fair number of British productions, so thpse guys are uncut, but you'll find plenty of American shoots, as well.

As far as their cocks go, many of these guys are sporting small dicks, but a few of them had me wondering if this is all about humiliation, because the cocks the women were making fun of were actually a decent size.

One scene called "Bed Bath" features a male hospital patient getting a sponge bath from two female nurses. One of them asks if he wants the window closed, insinuating that his cock is shrinking because of the cold breeze. The nurses laugh and make fun of his tiny cock while stroking it and trying to get it hard. One nurse says, "OMG! His balls are bigger than his cock." Then the other laughs, "I can't even grip it". They continue playing with is small penis, and even with all the teasing and laughing, the guy manages to cum. And both nurses say "Look at all the cum that came out of that tiny thing".

Most of the action involves a couple of women playing with a guy's cock. They look at it, touch it, measure it with rulers, one scene even had the girls hauling out a magnifying glass, and all the while they're cracking jokes, laughing, and expressing their disbelief at how small the guy's dick is. Sometimes the women will put the guy's cock in their vagina to see if they can feel it or sometimes they'll let him try to fuck one of them, all the while saying things like: "Can you feel it?" or "Is it in yet?" And the guys are usually jacked off until they cum, but I saw a few guys getting sucked off. Strangely, there are some big-dicked men fucking women in cuckolding videos where the woman is breaking up with her unhung boyfriend on the phone while her new hung lover fucks her. "It great finally feeling a dick inside of me", one woman tells her now ex.

There are lots of different scenarios as to how a couple of women end up seeing a guy's small cock, but you'll find quite a few medical scenarios involving exams and visits to one type of clinic or another. And with titles like Dodgy Plumbing, Fireman's Little Hose, House Guest, Hot Tub Repairs and Massage Parlour, it's not hard to see there's quite a variety of situations here. A few of the videos feature one man and one woman, but most feature two girls, and quite a number have three or more women.

There are 133 videos on Hey Little Dick, and they're available as downloadable WMVs and MP4s, both playing at 820x460 on the older releases. Newer episodes come in MP4 format at 854x480 and 1280x720 and there's a WMV available at 1280x720. These are full scenes, but there are also available as three downloadable clips in MP4 format and these are only available in the smallest sizes listed above. The videos can also be streamed at 980x550 in a Flash player; full-screen mode is available and I didn't find they suffered much loss in quality.

Each episode also comes with at least one gallery of screencaps displaying at 800x450, but some episodes also have a gallery of "pictures" which I think are just very good screencaps and not digital stills. These display at 800x533. There are around 150 to 200 or more pictures in each set and you can view them in thumbnail galleries or use the slide-show feature with multiple time settings. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file.

Hey Little Dick itself updates every other week with a new full scene, but the site is in a network including more women humiliating men sites: Pure CFNM (462 scenes), Amateur CFNM (21 videos), Girls Abuse Guys (93 videos) and members get access to all of the content. Pure CFNM updates weekly, all of the others are biweekly. And incidentally, if you're unfamiliar with CFNM, it means Clothed Female Nude Male.

There's a good "Categories" section on the navigation bar that organizes the content into themes like big tits, blowjob, fucking, femdom, restrained, uniform and a couple of dozen others. But these categorize the entire network, not just Hey Little Dicks videos.

About the only thing I didn't like was the network set-up. Any click on the navigation bar like "Scenes" or "Home" took me out of Hey Little Dicks and into the network where all four sites' content shows. The movies are tagged with a graphic "HLD" so I could click that and bring up all the Hey Little Dick videos, but I was constantly having to do this. Another small thing to watch out for is that there is an unchecked cross sell on the join page, so when joining just make sure it's not a pre-checked sign-up.

Hey Little Dick wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but every porn site has an audience. The videos were well produced and if you're into watching women humiliate men, making of fun of men and their small dicks, there's plenty of that. And I have to say that the women are pretty creative with their mockery and insults, some were downright hysterical. The site offers 133 videos plus access to three more similar sites. Hey Little Dick certainly delivers on it's theme and the three bonus sites give you lots more content in similar women-humiliating-men niches.

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