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Hero In Trouble is one of the most unique sites I've ever seen. Imagine well-built superheroes, their manly physiques encased in tight spandex costumes that show off their muscular chests, arms and legs, some wearing capes. They're masked to preserve their secret identities, but even so, you can see that many are handsome. Some are athletic, others are muscular and heroic. And then picture them stripped to their trunks or underwear and showing off their heroic physiques. But that's not all.

There are two kinds of sessions here. First are the stripped superheroes showing off their chests, athletic or muscled arms, and powerful thighs and then pulling on those tight, stretchy costumes. The second type of sessions are called "In Trouble." Imagine these superheroes captured by super villains, then put in all sorts of rope bondage, struggling to escape - perhaps to save the city. They are tied in a variety of positions, gagged, and left to struggle against the ropes. Those with a taste for men in spandex, particularly in bondage, or with kinky superhero fantasies are going to like this site.

Hero In Trouble currently offers 430 episodes and adds a new one every Friday. The 90 most recent updates are on the Updates page and are all dated. Each update includes a DRM-free video in WMV format to download, most running between two and three minutes each. These are sized at 720x480 at good amateur quality, and while the newer vids have higher bitrates, you'll only notice this if you go full screen, as the new videos hold up better than the older ones when enlarged. The videos have sound, but all you may hear in the stripping videos is the rustle of fabric; in the bondage videos you'll often hear the bound, helpless heroes grunting or groaning through their gags as they struggle.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are good amateur quality digital stills that show each hero as he either shows off his physique shirtless or sits, lies or sprawls bound and sometimes gagged. The pics are on the small side, the newest sized at 512x640 and the older shown at around 405x540. There are 14 or more pictures per set, and while there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, you can save each pic individually and picture-to-picture navigation is possible via the arrows that appear when you mouse over the left or right side of each photo.

Does this site have any issues? There is one issue regarding tour claims that confused me. On the tour, it announces: "We are pleased to announce that effective 3/25/2016 All New Videos will now be in High Definition With Larger Pictures sets as well," yet the videos and pic sets are the same size that they were before, and I downloaded several newer vids to be sure. The picture sets seem to be the same size before and after the announcement date as well. Also although in the past year there's only been one late update, and it was only one day late, there are 140 more videos than on our last visit, which is short a few, so there may have been a few other late updates more than a year ago.

There's no other issues; there's nothing fooling joining members, no cross sales, no misleading ads - or any ads, for that matter. That being said, the site is a little plain, the pics and thumbnails aren't as large as I'd like to see, but I quite like them. What would really make the site for me would be scene descriptions or imaginary profiles of the superheroes. That would add a feeling of fantasy and give the heroes more personality for the viewers. Some might be born on other worlds, others may have gotten their powers through exposure to radiation. We'd know which are gay, which are straight and which are in love with reporters. Or failing that, it would be nice to have model profiles.

Hero In Trouble has a fun and interesting concept: Superheroes in full spandex costumes, stripped to their super-underwear or captured and struggling to free themselves from bondage. Most of the men here obviously spend time at the gym, and some are ripped and quite muscular. There are 430 episodes, the videos are downloadable and the site adds a short video and gallery every week. While I'd be happier if bigger pictures, mobile-compatible videos and some text were added, I like the concept, the consistency, and the bound and costumed superheroes of Hero In Trouble.

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