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On its tour He's So Big blazes: "They're All huge" and "Nothing Under 8 Inches." Who doesn't like watching a big dick sliding into a greedy mouth or a hungry butt? This site has a huge library of videos, but the tour itself makes it a little difficult to see just how big these cocks are. It's been over a year since we last reviewed this site, so let's have another look.

He's So Big says they feature all kinds of guys: Latinos, Brazilians, black thugs, twinks, and jocks. About 85% of their videos offer us white guys with mostly well-defined, athletic, or muscular bodies and they're a mix of hairy and smooth. There's a good representation of Latino and Brazilian guys, but I only found a handful of black guys and very few thugs, and there are a few twinkish guys. Most of guys are larger than average to fairly well hung - there are definitely lots of big cocks - but when a site calls itself He's So Big, I'm expecting to see lots of 9, 10, and 11 inch cocks, and I didn't.

The action on He's So Big is mostly duo suck and fuck with 15 bareback episodes; the rest are condomed. There are 64 group sex videos, mostly threeways with a couple of orgies. Most of the action is pretty generic, i.e. the guys suck dick, maybe rim ass, then fuck and cum. But notably there were a few episodes featuring uniformed guys, some hot facial cum shots, one guy was sucking his own cock while getting fucked, and there are a few scenes with sex toys.

The He's So Big member area hasn't changed since we last reviewed this site; there are still 334 videos taken from 59 DVD titles. Each episode's page allows you to stream the video in a player showing the movie at 720x480 with a 2 Mbps bitrate. The videos are pretty clear, but not like watching a DVD on your screen.

If you don't want to stream the videos you can download two different DRM-free MP4s: the large one displays at 640x480 and the smaller version (geared to mobile devices) displays at 480x360. This site seems to have offered segmented clips at one time, but doesn't anymore. All of the scenes are full scenes, but there is a "Direct to Video Scene" feature that lets you use thumbnails to jump back and forth in the scene. It was pretty quick and seamless and a lot better than dealing with shorter clips.

There's a screen capture gallery with each episode offering several dozen pictures, and you can view them individually or download a zip file, although there's no slide shows available. There are also eight photo galleries with digital stills displaying around 600x900, but many of them were so over-optimized that they didn't look that great.

The good news is that He's So Big is part of a larger gay porn network and full members get access to a total of 17 sites in a variety of niches: twinks, bareback sex, jocks, mature men, and Latino guys, to name a few. There's no need to login into multiple sites, there's a "Sites" link in the member's area that takes you to each site's library of movies and there are 1,325 videos across the whole network.

There are a few problems with He's So Big. The first concerns surround billing issues. He's So Big offers a free 2-day trial, but only gives details after you've completed part of the join form. On the secondary page you discover that there's a $1.00 processing fee, so it's not free and it's limited, meaning that trial members won't get access to all of the site's content and features. Also the trials recur at $10 more per month than the cost of the regular monthly membership.

There is also at least 1 pre-checked trial offer (one reviewer got 2) on the secondary join page that rebills at $39.95 each. And finally, He's So Big launches a pop-under window.

I was a little tough on He's So Big and its downfalls, but if you're careful through the join process, then this site and its larger network have a lot to offer. After all, can you really watch or download 1,325 videos in a month? While some of the dicks in the videos are "Oh, my God!" size, the rest are on the larger side of normal. I was happy with the streaming and downloading options, I found the movies played and downloaded well, and there are mobile vids that play on iPod, iPhone and Android device, among others. There's a lot of hot action here and I think most people will be satisfied. The free tour is well over 10 pages long, so you'll get a good idea quickly if this site is for you.

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