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Think of college frat parties gone crazy, all your sexy dorm fantasies come true and then think wild partying, and you're getting close to what Haze Him focuses on. It offers us "Real tapes of college debauchery and fraternity hazing", and encourages real college guys to take part and earn money. This hazing involves pranks, tricks, lots of nudity and a goodly amount of gay sex with guys going nude in front of the rest of the fraternity and having to suck cock while their buddies look on. The action looks authentic and the tour promises great things.

The parties are exactly what you want to see from a reality party site, though at times you will be forgiven for thinking that it is all a set up; some of the dialogue between guys at the start of the scenes hints that way. But once the scenes are up and running, there's the humiliation games, the heady mix of straight guys and gay guys, sex games and then full on intimate hardcore moments, sometimes in full view of the other frat guys. Drinking and girls are sometimes involved, and you're watching parties here, not just a couple of models having sex. And it's what gives the scenes their reality feel and makes the movies atmospheric. You're better off starting at the beginning, playing all the way through and soaking up that atmosphere, rather than jumping around movies to try and catch just the sexy parts.

Haze Him offers 77 videos, just 15 more than there were when we reviewed the site almost 2 years ago, and the reason for that is that unfortunately the site has stopped updating. Luckily Haze Him is part of a gay porn network, and full members get access to 12 bonus sites. More about that shortly, but now let's check out the content.

There's been an important change for the Haze Him videos - they're now downloadable, where they used to be streaming-only. The largest downloadable videos are MP4s offered in HD and sized at 1280x720 plus several smaller sizes including 1 for mobiles including iPhone, iPod and Android. The newer videos are also available in WMV format, and these are sized at 852x480 and also look pretty good. For those who prefer not to download, there are also 3 qualities of streaming MP4s. All videos are DRM-free, downloadable full scenes.

When it comes to pics, Haze Him offers both digital stills and screencaps. The digital stills are good amateur quality, the newer sized at 2000x1333 and the older at 800x533. Some of the newer sets offer over 400 pics per set, so expect some repetitious pics, while the older sets are around 30 or so pics each. The screencaps are sized at around 720x406, and are average quality for screencaps, which are lower in quality than digital stills. All pic sets are available in downloadable zip files.

Let's talk extras. The top menu takes you to Episodes or Sites, and these extras really give you value for money. You've got 5 bonus sites from the same network that are easy to access and that include more reality fun and games, straight guys going gay for pay, real user submitted videos and pics, big cocks and interracial sex, to name some of the content. To see the entire content of the network simply click 'Episodes' and there you will find 796 episodes. BTW, several of the sites still update, so there's new content to check out.

Did the site have any issues? First off, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page. Something important to note is that trial members get limited access to the site's content and features, and they also recur at a full $20 more than the cost of a regular monthly membership. And as already mentioned, the site no longer updates. One last thing - I counted 144 thumbs on the tour, each of which seeming like an update, but there are 77 updates total.

Haze Him delivers the fun, wild and horny feel of real college dorm and frat house parties; the drinking, dares, nudity and guys doing sexual stuff in front of their fellow college students they wouldn't ordinarily do. There are 77 exclusive episodes of around 35 minutes each, and twelve bonus sites to help keep members busy. While the site stopped updating, the videos are good sized and downloadable, as are the videos in all the bonus sites. With Haze Him, you are looking at an original site with exclusive content including college hazing, frat parties, and straight boys getting wild with other guys.

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