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Harlem Hookups is the personal playground of black guy Rogan Hardy who likes servicing straight guys on camera. "If you’re a black guy that likes big white dicks or a white guy that loves fucking black dudes, then this is the place for you!" he says on the About Us page. And he goes on to say that he likes exploring the taboos of sexual dominance and interracial sex, and he sometimes films scenes involving race play. He's a fiend for straight dick, although he plays with gay guys, too, and either way, he really gets off gulping down a big cock and swallowing jizz. It's been about two and a half years since our last review. and the site has just undergone a redesign, so let's get over there and see what's been going on.

Hardy himself is a black guy who appears to be in his mid-twenties and sports a smooth, athletic body with tattoos on both arms. And he's packing a big dick. He loves servicing white dudes, and while that's what he mostly does on the site, he doesn't limit himself, either. He's a superb cocksucker with mad oral skills and has little trouble deep-throating even the biggest cocks. He also loves taking a raw dick up his ass. Rogan Hardy is a full-service cock pig who regularly tops guys, but his first love is being an exhibitionist and making straight guys feel good, and he sometimes gets into some kinky play with blindfolds, snorting armpits, licking feet, edging, and even some race play every now and again.

Rogan has regular buddies who return to the site whenever their balls get too full, but he also brings in lots of fresh faces who he hooks up with in his travels. He has a thing for rednecks, so you'll find many of his scene partners fit the bill with skinny to athletic bodies, a bit of face scruff, and they're often wearing wife beaters, baseball caps and jeans or baggy shorts. Hardy also loves hipsters and nerdy white guys. The guys range throughout their twenties with a few in their early thirties. And you'll find both hairy and smooth men, some guys with ink, and of course lots of big dicks. Not all of the guys want to show their faces, and aside from below the shoulders filming, you can expect to see some guys wearing balaclavas or masks.

I enjoyed the filming here, which is done with a stationary camera, but Hardy is quite adept at setting up interesting shots and angles. One of my favorites is when he hangs the camera off a door and we gets a bird's eye view of him gulping a big dick. Sometimes these studs hold the cameras themselves and treat us to some POV (point of view) action. Hardy often moves the camera around or uses a couple of cameras, giving us multiple shots and angles.

In "BareBack Buddies" Rogan talks about this guy who comes over once a month so Rogan's sister braids his hair. The guy is super DL, but he and Rogan usually end up busting a nut together. But this last time, the guy hints around that he's never played with a white guy before, so Rogan invites his buddy Xander over to service both their dicks with his mouth and ass. (Xander appears in a number of scenes of the site, he's a bottom who likes helping Rogan service dick and taking Rogan's too.) There's some good POV filming of the dude on his knees sucking Rogan's cock, as well as his friend's. Then the white guy lies on the bed, holds his legs in the air, and Rogan and his buddy swivel him back and forth screwing his bare hole. And this is one of those times when Rogan uses above overhead rig to film the fucking. It's quite a hot scene.

Harlem Hookups currently offers 281 videos. The videos are streaming MP4s; the newer ones are sized at 1140x640 while older scenes play at 960x540, and they're all at good amateur quality. The videos play fairly smoothly, and when you go full screen they hold up fairly well. The site doesn't seem to use a full-streaming server, so there's a short pause when you jump ahead in the time line unless the video has fully loaded. Finally, each scene has a decent description detailing the back story on how Rogan and his scene partner hooked up.

The site doesn't have any picture galleries, although there are a couple of dozen pictures on the About Us page. Most display in color, but some are black and white, and they come in at 1200x800. You can save them individually, but there's no zip file or slideshow feature.

Now let's talk about updates. There are 116 more videos than were on our last visit, and that works out to close to four a month. And while the episodes aren't dated, this verifies the tour's claim of weekly updates, although Rogan does miss the odd one when he travels.

Harlem Hookups has added some bonus content since our last review. Under Quickies you'll find 48 videos that run between five and ten minutes in length. These are previously unreleased scenes that never appeared on the site because they were either too short or Rogan and his buddies were just messing around with the camera and trying out new things. One video called "Sneaky Nut" features Rogan's friend Xander sneaking into his hospital room to give him a quick blowjob. Another 10 minute video called "Drivin' While Horny" has someone in the back seat of the car filming over the head rests while the driver and Rogan jerks their cocks. These are fun scenes, but perhaps not appropriate as a full-on weekly release, which is why they're in the Quickies section.

Does this site have any issues? Actually not many. I would definitely prefer downloadable videos and picture galleries, but I enjoyed the videos and the action is hot stuff. I do wish there was more information about Rogan Hardy himself, and I'm disappointed that they didn't fix this issue with the redesign, but I guess the important thing is that he's a really good cocksucker, hung, and a lot of fun to watch. And keep in mind that these are amateur productions, so the lighting isn't always perfect, nor are the angles and editing. But they're damned hot scenes nevertheless. One last thing I want to mention is that the non-recurring month membership costs $10 more than the price of the recurring membership.

Harlem Hookups brings us a black amateur with a taste for white cock, masculine men and rednecks, but he seems open to sex with all kinds of guys from twinks to hairy men. The action is all bareback, and there's plenty of nasty facial and anal cumshots, face fucking, and fetish stuff including sex with men wearing gas masks, hoods, and balaclavas. The site has been adding a new scene every week, so there are now 281 videos for you to enjoy. While the lack of downloads is disappointing, the real amateur interracial action including plenty of raw sex and white-on-black action is pretty hot. Harlem Hookups definitely delivers the goods and is worth checking out.

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