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Harlem Boyz features black studs in mostly suck and fuck action. There are some pretty hot men, most with well-defined athletic bodies or muscular physiques. These are mostly guys in their twenties, some with corn rows or dread locks, some sporting ball caps, bandanas or do rags, and some of the guys here are no particular type, just black and hot, although I did see a few muscular porn stars from the late 90s, early 2000s. And there are plenty of big dicks, both cut and uncut. There are several thug types here, but not exclusively so.

There are some solo jack-off videos, but most of the action features guys in duos sucking and fucking. There are a couple of threeways and a couple bareback scenes as well. There are some pretty big dicks here and I enjoyed watching them getting serviced or sliding in and out of hungry asses. A lot of the scenes have some kind of a story line - in one video, a thief caught red-handed gets his ass fucked by the home's resident. But some of the videos just open with horny black studs getting it on.

Harlem Boyz offers 120 videos, most available to download in WMV format at 640x480 plus a smaller version in MP4 format for mobiles. There are also streaming videos available. Quality ranges from low-average to average, some at fairly good amateur quality, but most of the videos don't look their best when enlarged to full screen. The two newest videos are offered larger, at 1280x720, but the quality isn't great; I suspect these are the same size videos as the rest but enlarged. In any event, the streaming vids play smoothly and you can save several downloadable videos at the same time if you like.

There are also 139 picture sets - 19 sets of digital stills and 120 sets of screencaps. The digital stills are sized at between 1280x960 and 1512x1016 depending on the set. The pics shown at 1280x960 are good amateur quality, the ones shown larger tend to be lower in quality. The digital stills can be individually saved or you can download entire sets in zip files, and there are slideshows and pic-to-pic navigation as well. The screencaps are average quality and sized at 640x480. They, too, can be individually downloaded and pic-to-pic navigation is available. There are 12 screencaps per set.

Harlem Boys members get access to five bonus sites from the same network - Backroom Fuckers, Daddy Raunch, SD Boy, Boyz from Prague, and Straight Men XXX, and four of these sites are currently updating weekly, so there's plenty of new content for members . While none of these sites has a focus on black men, altogether the network offers over 1,700 videos plus 12 full DVDs, one of which is rotated out and a new one rotated in each month.

Now let's talk about some issues. First are updates. The site stopped updating in 2011, then added a new episode in 2015 and one in February of 2016. Will there be more updates? Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Harlem Boyz. Navigation was frustrating, as every time you go to a new section of the site, you'll find yourself looking at content or models from the entire network, not just this site. Some of the digital stills galleries had lots of posed solo pics but only a few hardcore shots. And overall the video quality could have been better.

Harlem Boyz gets a mixed review from me. While most of the men are hot and hung, I didn't find the quality of the videos was anything to get excited about - think about bargain-bin DVDs at your local porn store. The site's done the best they can, but the original DVDs weren't the greatest to begin with. The 120 videos can be downloaded, streamed, or watched on your mobile. And while the site is updating once a year, there is enough content in the network to keep you busy, although admittedly not that many models in the other sites are ebony. Bottom line, I think there are better black gay porn sites out there; you'll have to check out the tour of Harlem Boyz and see what you think.

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